Congressman Leading the Way to Stop Those on Terrorist Watch List from Buying Guns is on Watch List

The House floor proceedings were brought to a grinding halt Wednesday when dozens of Democratic members staged a sit-in to bring gun control legislation to a vote.

Some of the legislation that the group is trying to put to a vote includes a “no fly, no buy” measure, which would prevent Americans on the government’s terrorist watch lists from purchasing guns.

Leading the way in the effort is Rep. John Lewis, who has participated in civil disobedience since the days of Martin Luther King Jr.

Several have brought up Lewis’ history with the government’s airline watch list. His name appears to have been flagged by the TSA, and he has been stopped by TSA dozens of times.

CNN reports:

“[C]ivil rights icon and longtime Rep. John Lewis revealed he, too, had been snarled by the watchlist dragnet. According to his office, the Georgia Democrat had over the course of a year been held up 35 to 40 times. Despite reaching out to a number of federal agencies over that period, Lewis’ name had remained on a list.”

Lewis and many other Democrats continue to sit in the House chamber in protest.

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