Judge Jeanine on President-Elect Donald Trump: Americans Are Watching Another Ronald Reagan

Judge Jeanine Pirro said Saturday during her “opening statement” on Fox New’s “Justice” that Americans are “watching history.”

Pirro was specifically referring to President-elect Donald Trump and his recent deal with Carrier, which is aimed to prevent more than one thousand U.S. jobs from moving to Mexico:

“On Thursday, President-elect Trump, in a Carrier plant in Indianapolis, announced a deal to keep more than a thousand jobs in the United States that were scheduled to be outsourced to Mexico.”

And suffice it to say, Pirro was thoroughly inspired by Trump’s early action:

“Amazing, a president who actually fulfills a promise before he even moves into the Oval Office. Remind you of another great leader? Ronald Reagan and those 52 American hostages held in Iran for 444 days that Jimmy Carter couldn’t get released for the life of himself before he left the White House?”

Image Credit: Screenshot/ Facebook

But Pirro didn’t leave her Reagan comparison at just that; she furthered her perceived connection between the former president and the president-elect:

“No fancy slogans here, folks. No one liners, but you’re watching history. You’re watching another Ronald Reagan. You’re watching in real time a President-elect who is not all talk, a leader who is going to show us real hope and change.”

And some people agree with her:

Additionally, others are really getting behind her Reagan connection:

While this man is hopeful for more of Trump’s accomplishments to come:

However, others strongly oppose her view on Trump’s deal:

And believe that the projected job security is being highly overestimated:


While some people view his deal as an unnecessary interference:


Only time will tell exactly how the recent deal affects Carrier’s employees, but Judge Jeanine clearly isn’t the only American impressed by Trump’s record forming even before he takes office.

What do you think?

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