Just Like That, Trump Drops Biggest Applause Line at CPAC: ‘Time for All Americans to Get Off Welfare and Get Back to Work!’

President Donald Trump sent a strong signal to Americans that welfare reform is on its way. Speaking in no uncertain terms, the president told the CPAC audience Friday:

“It’s time for all Americans to get off welfare and get back to work. You’re gonna love it! You’re gonna love it!!””

One of the steps the administration is taking in concert with the Congress is reducing burdensome regulations that can reduce productivity and increase costs.

As reported on Friday, the president signed an executive order setting up watchdog committees in federal agencies tasked with loosening up government regulations.

Another Trump initiative is to increase manufacturing jobs, particularly in states such as Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, as reported by the Associated Press. As NAM CEO Jay Timmons told Independent Journal Review:

“I have to tell you, manufacturers are encouraged and optimistic about the future because of this commitment from the top … Go to a shop floor in Ohio, or Pennsylvania, or Michigan, or Wisconsin. What you see is folks who are optimistic and proud that they have national leaders who are focused on their livelihoods, and are committed to ensuring that those jobs are a priority for the United States government.”

According to the latest statistics, over 67 million Americans received “means-tested welfare.” There are still over 43 million people on food stamps — a historic indicator of poverty.

If Americans take the president’s words on welfare at face value, Trump intends to undertake major welfare reform, last seen in the United States under Bill Clinton.

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