Kellyanne Conway Fires Missile at Obama Russia Policy-‘Seriously? I Can’t Even Say It Without Laughing.’

For anyone who saw that combative, 17-minute interview on CNN’s “New Day” you can be forgiven if it gave you flashbacks to that big family argument.

Host Chris Cuomo spent the time trying to get Donald Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway to say what he wanted her to say–that Russian hacking tainted the recent election. And the feisty spokeswoman was having none of it.

Here’s how part of the argument–er, interview–went:

Conway: There are those out there who are trying to delegitimize his presidency, to review the election results and you know it. The fact is…[interruption]

Cuomo: He’s helping that by refusing to accept the obvious by the intelligence community’s conclusions about Russia being behind the hacks.

Conway: Hey, Chris, we had a president of the United States in October who could, when Mr. Clapper said what he said, push back harder but did not, because what was he doing? He and Hillary Clinton and all of their teams were out there absolutely believing that she was going to be the next president … [interrupted]

Cuomo: So shame on them, shame on them [interrupted]

Conway: No, they politicized it!

Cuomo: Shame on them [interrupted]

Conway: They politicized it because they didn’t even understand again what was going to happen in the election [interrupted]

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Cuomo: So shame on them.

Conway: [interrupted]

Cuomo: So why can’t you divorce whose responsible for the hacks and the implications on the elections. It seems to be creating a resistance…[interrupted]

Conway: (shaking her head) Because it’s not being divorced in the media…[interrupted]

Cuomo: It seems to be motivating the president-elect into disrespect our intelligence agencies.

Conway: (shaking her head) Now that is not true. Tha…that is not true [interrupted](shaking her head)

Eventually, Conway zeroed in on where she believes the real Russian problems come from:

“In the last couple of days of Obama’s eight years in office…President Obama’s eight years of his presidency…all of a sudden he’s going to get tough on Russia? Seriously? I can’t even say that without laughing. …Knock it off, Vlad. That’s all he said on our behalf?”

The whole interview was a hot mess from top to bottom.

What do you think?

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