Kellyanne Conway Explains Her Success as Trump’s Campaign Manager and Adviser: ‘I Always Tell Him the Truth’

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During an interview with CNN that was released on Wednesday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway revealed a few reasons why she has been successful in the Trump administration.

The adviser claimed that President Donald Trump treats all of his staff the same, regardless of their gender, and that is something that has been an advantage during their professional relationship.

“I think my gender helps me with the President in that he has never been afraid, and in fact, always been willing to treat men and women in his employment the same,” Conway said to CNN. “I don’t feel like he listens to me any less or any differently, or any less seriously.”

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She also stated that the president respects her opinion because she does not attempt to lie to him.

“He hears and listens to any number of people. Why does he hear me? Because I always tell him the truth,” Conway said.

In the interview, she said she could relate to those that felt inspired by the president’s message to Americans.

“When he talked about the forgotten man and forgotten woman, I knew exactly of whom he spoke,” Conway said. “It’s many of these people, and when they say forgotten they just mean that they’re looking at the system from the outside staring inside with their nose pressed up against the glass you know saying ‘what about me?'”

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The counselor has had a reputation for many years as a Republican commentator but claims that politics was never something that was focused on while she was growing up.

“I never heard the words, ‘Women Empowerment.’ But I always knew that they were empowered women. I also don’t remember the words politics, or conservative,” Conway said.

However, once she became a Republican analyst on CNN, she became a powerful voice for the party.

“I realized, that if anybody was trying to throw logs in my path, they couldn’t get past me speaking directly, one-on-one,” said Conway.

Conway is one of the most powerful women in the Trump administration and was the first woman to successfully run a presidential campaign. She now works as a counselor to the president and is known for her outspoken support of the president.

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Q: Why won’t a SINGLE feminist proclaim her achievements as the first, successful WOMAN to run a presidential campaign?

Hypocrisy? Ideological double-standards? Same things.

Phyllis Softa

Kellyanne believes her gender helps her with the president, in that he isn’t afraid—Is he “afraid” of men? The press let that slide? What does it mean? If he treats women that work for the same as the men, she might wish to run for cover. Think Sessions, Tillerson, Bannon, McMaster, Mattis, Kelley, Preibus, and who can overlook Michael Cohen?

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