‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen Teases the Show’s Return

Fans of “Last Man Standing” might soon get their favorite TV show back. Tim Allen, who plays Mike Baxter, the conservative dad and husband, posted on his Twitter account Thursday how the show being renewed “just might be a reality.”

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Allen’s first tweet was simple:

Less than an hour later, Allen said the fans’ voices have been heard:

With the successful revival of “Roseanne,” many fans of “Last Man Standing” are hoping TV executives take the hint and renew the show after it was canceled in 2017. 

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In the meantime, WGN America announced in March the network will be airing reruns of the show starting this spring.

A source close to production told Fox News that Allen’s tweet might have been “premature, as rumors of the show’s return are highly ‘speculative.'”

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