Last Week SNL ‘Mourned’ Clinton Loss, Now They’re Mocking Liberal Ignorance With ‘Bubble’ Skit

“Saturday Night Live” opened their show last week with Kate McKinnon, dressed as Hillary Clinton, paying tribute to Leonard Cohen while simultaneously expressing her disappointment over the results of the election.

The cold open received mixed reviews; some praised it, while others like Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, co-hosts of “Morning Joe” called it a “national mourning.”

Scarborough suggested that SNL alienated the 50 million people who voted for Donald Trump and Mika noted that:

“It’s only funny when they’re winning.”

On this week’s episode of SNL, viewers saw the return of Kristin Wiig and, apparently, the return of comedy.

“The Bubble” skit describes a utopian paradise where the election never happened.

Advertising a fully functional, self-contained city, the sketch pokes fun at hipster stereotypes like used book stores and raw milk. Want to go shopping at the local farmer’s market? Pay with money featuring Bernie Sanders’ face.

“The Bubble” promotes staying connected with the outside world with only the “good sites” like the Huffington Post and going on dates where you can engage with “diverse viewpoints”… that agree with everything you say.

Both sides of the aisle found it amusing:

Alec Baldwin, as ‘Donald Trump,’ opened the show and poked fun at “his” willingness to adjust his policies, but “The Bubble” may be a sign that SNL is trying to maintain a little perspective in their comedy, even when they’re on the losing end.

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