‘Loving’ Husband Was Cooking Dinner When He Mysteriously Vanished…Now Police Are Stumped

Santa Clarita, California, detectives have been left baffled in the missing person case of 58-year-old William Cierzan, a Six Flags Magic Mountain employee who suddenly vanished from his home:

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The mysterious incident occurred Thursday afternoon and has left his family terrified.

According to KTLA, Cierzan had the day off. He spent the afternoon with his nephew:

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After the two parted ways, Cierzan, who lives with his wife, Linda, and their dog, decided to whip up some dinner.

Around 4 p.m., while Cierzan was cooking, his wife called. He told her that dinner would be on the table by the time she got home.

During a news conference after her husband went missing, Linda said:

“He was telling me he was making dinner because he likes to cook now and that he had a good day watching golf.”

She also mentioned that Cierzan seemed to be “in a really good mood” and was “happy” when they spoke:

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However, when Linda did return from work, she was greeted by an empty house.

When she went into the kitchen, she found no trace of her husband, and even more unsettling, saw food still on the stove.

Next to the stove, Linda found Cierzan’s car keys and wallet, which still had his credit cards and ATM cards inside.

Linda also said his white truck was still parked outside their home:

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After a few hours, Linda became worried and called the police.

However, after detectives searched the home, they were left with even more unanswered questions.

According to reports, police found blood stains around the kitchen; however, they have yet to disclose if it was Cierzan’s.

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Even creepier? Police also looked at security footage shot from across the street, and neither Cierzan nor anyone else is captured entering or leaving the house.

Cierzan’s sister Andrea Peck told the Santa Clarita Valley Signal:

“The video shows he never left the house. No friends drove up. No one came to the door.

This man has a history of going to work, living in a house and being very happy. He loves his wife. He loves his house. He loves his dog.”

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Detectives did say that surveillance footage shows a car pulling up at Cierzan’s house around 5 p.m. Thursday, and leaving just 15 minutes later. But an unidentified neighbor later told police that the vehicle belonged to a family member and was regularly seen at the home.

The neighbor told KTLA:

“It sits there for like 10-15 minutes and then leaves. It’s a family member’s of that house, it’s their lot.”

Police have since spoken with Cierzan’s nephew but do not believe he is involved with the disappearance.

Police are still searching for Cierzan and ask that anyone with information please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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