Man Calling for Rioting and Looting of ‘White Owned Businesses’ in Milwaukee is a Clinton Supporter

Over the weekend — and even into Monday night — the streets of Milwaukee have been rocked by what’s being called the “Milwaukee Uprising.”

Sparked by the police-involved shooting of Sylville Smith, an armed black man, riots and looting have broken out, reportedly leaving at least six businesses “badly damaged or destroyed by fires” after Saturday night alone.

While most culprits would attempt to hide such behavior, one individual in particular — identified as Jayrome Williams on Twitter — has been catching attention for outright admitting to looting local businesses:

He’s also posted pictures of other armed individuals that are part of the #MilwaukeeLootCrew:

As well as one tweet — that has since been deleted — that appears to show him waving a gun before leaving to “loot white owned businesses”:

In another deleted tweet, he claimed to be counting out cash that he made by selling looted items:

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

On Monday, Vessel News and The Gateway Pundit took a closer look at Williams’ profile, and noticed something about the self-identified looter:

As it turns out, he makes it very clear that he supports Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, including putting the #ImWithHer hashtag in his personal Twitter bio.

Though the media often points the finger at GOP nominee Donald Trump for having violent supporters, it certainly appears that — at least in this case — “bad apples” pop up on both sides of the aisle.

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