Marco Rubio is Turning Heads with His 180 on Endorsing Trump for President

In an interview with WIOD in Miami, former presidential candidate Marco Rubio revealed that he’s willing to support anyone to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president, no matter the cost to his record.

When the DJ asked Rubio if he would support Trump if he got the nomination, he said:

“I’ve always said I’m going to support the Republican nominee … and that’s especially true now that it’s apparent that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic [nominee].”

The declaration is a sharp turn away from what Rubio was doing on the campaign trail to skirt off Trump, when he called the masses supporting Trump “frightening” and “disturbing,” even resorting to personal insults about Trump wetting his pants and having small hands.

Last month, Rubio said he “didn’t know” if he could support Trump as the nominee:

What a shift.

What do you think?

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