Mark Cuban Unleashes His Thoughts on Donald Trump with a 4,000-Character Rant

Outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban’s latest blog post bemoans the current state of politics and media, calling the tendency for stories to be made of attention-grabbing soundbites, or ‘headline porn.’

Attacking the lack of substance, Cuban also addresses the way one candidate in particular is benefiting a thousand-fold from the media’s coverage of soundbites over substance:

Donald can talk for hours and say nothing of true substance. But every few sentences he is going to spout out Headline Porn that is going to fit in 140 characters or so and unquestionably have to be discussed by “The Political Shows”.

He continues:

Donald [Trump] is a never-ending source of Headline Porn. The value for Donald in this coverage isn’t so much that the viewers of “the shows” become Trump supporters.

It’s the fact that the Porn becomes the focal point of all discussions and even when it’s not, its the squeaking springs lurking in the background.

He prevents other candidates and “the shows” from being able to seriously discuss issues by overwhelming them. And I don’t think he even realizes it.

Cuban has previously compared Trump to a guy who walks into a bar and “will say whatever it’ll take to get laid.” He has also consistently praised Trump for ‘changing the game‘ when it comes to politics.

Do you agree with Cuban when it comes to Donald Trump?

What do you think?

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