Megyn Kelly Just Can’t Handle It When Hillary Supporter Goes to Incredible Lengths to Avoid Leaked Emails

Fox News host Megyn Kelly grew exasperated on the air Wednesday night when one of her Hillary Clinton-supporting guests repeatedly refused to discuss the hacked John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks.

At one point, Kelly got so fed up that she actually covered her face with her notes and ended the segment.

Image Credit: Fox News/"Kelly File"
Image Credit: Fox News/”The Kelly File”

Every single time Kelly attempted to get Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman to address the WikiLeaks emails, he changed the subject to Russia and claimed the emails might be fake.

“They haven’t denied it,” Kelly correctly pointed out.

It wasn’t long before Zimmerman was once again repeating his prepared talking points:

“Russia is, in fact, undermining our democracy, trying to sabotage our election and we’re not talking about that, that Donald Trump is embracing Vladimir Putin…”

Image Credit: Peter Muhly - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Image Credit: Peter Muhly – WPA Pool/Getty Images

A frustrated Kelly interrupted, “You’ve said that like five times, can you just talk about the emails? Are you going to defend her or not?”

Zimmerman claimed people can’t even talk about the emails because it’s not clear if they are “valid” or not.

At that point, Kelly was done.

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