Megyn Kelly’s New Book Trashed on Amazon Just Hours After Its Release. Then They Saw Who Was Doing It…

Just released in mid-November, Megyn Kelly’s new book “Settle for More” has already received its fair share of media attention.

While Kelly herself has been making the rounds on TV to promote her new memoir, it seems her book has been catching plenty of attention online, as well — and it hasn’t exactly been the kind most authors hope for.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Kelly’s book has been flooded with one-star reviews since it was released on Amazon last week, though it seems there’s much more to the story than just some dissatisfied readers.

According to the Times, it was mere hours after “Settle for More” appeared on Amazon that more than 100 negative reviews were submitted.

In the days following, hundreds more one-star reviews appeared, reportedly including criticism such as:

“This woman is not a journalist…She is an attention seeker…She is also paid by the DNC to report fake stories that have no truth to them whatsoever.”

“Wow get over yourself. Your [sic] not that good!…Your treatment of Newt and Trump was inexcusable.”

According to Harper Collins, however — which published Kelly’s book — these reviews aren’t coming from those who have actually read the book, but seem to be closer to a smear campaign:

“It has the hallmarks of an orchestrated effort to discredit the book and our author Megyn Kelly.

We have brought it to the attention of Amazon.”

Various sources have since reported that this flood of negative reviews was all an effort stemming from a pro-Trump Reddit group called “The_Donald” and that Amazon, subsequently, has begun deleting many of these “fake” reviews:

While it’s unclear what specifically triggered such a response, it’s no secret that Kelly and Trump had a tense relationship throughout the campaign season.

A claim Kelly makes in her new book — that Trump’s controversial relationship with the media could be “potentially dangerous” as president — could also be a factor.

Interestingly enough, Michelle Fields, whose altercation with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski made headlines back in March, has claimed that her book has also fallen victim to these same “Trump trolls”:

Perhaps as a result of Amazon’s effort to purge such fake reviews, the rating for “Settle for More” was sitting right in the middle at three stars Wednesday morning — split, interestingly enough, between 41% five-star reviews and 42% one-star reviews.

According to Forbes, however, the negative reviews don’t seem to be hurting sales of the book itself, as it’s “currently No. 1 in several categories across Amazon,” and “will almost certainly land on several bestseller lists in the weeks ahead.”

In the end, it seems that all the attention that “Settle for More” has received over these negative reviews might just be doing more good than harm for Kelly.

After all, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

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