Some Use Migrant Girl’s Death to Put Blame on Border Patrol — But Father Had No Problem With Treatment

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A migrant girl’s death is being used to put the blame on border patrol agents despite the child’s father claiming they were not at fault.

The seven-year-old girl was detained with a group of migrants, but two days later, she passed away allegedly due not eating or drinking for multiple days.

Many took to social media to immediately blame U.S. Customs and Border Patrol for the death:

According to CNN’s Ana Cabrera, the Guatemalan government spoke with the girl’s father, and he claimed he did not believe border patrol agents did anything wrong.

“Despite the outrage following the 7-year-old’s death, the Guatemalan counsel tells CNN her father has no complaints with how U.S. agents treated them,” Cabrera said.

However, the family also released a statement calling for a thorough investigation into the tragedy:

“The death of a child is the most painful experience that a parent or family can endure. Jakelin just five days past her seventh birthday was a beautiful and loving child. Jakelin and her father came to the United States seeking something that thousands have been seeking for years. An escape from the dangerous situation in their home country. This was their right under U.S. and international law. ..The family is seeking an objective and thorough investigation and are asking that investigators will access this incident with nationally recognized standards for the custody of children.”

According to The Washington Post’s report, the girl was flown to a hospital as soon as she started going into cardiac arrest, where the doctors worked for hours to try to revive her but were unsuccessful.

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How about placing blame where it belongs: On her parents for putting her in danger. A U.S. parent would have DCF/ DSS banging on their doors engaging in a ‘legal’ kidnapping for neglect. ILLEGAL immigrants, however, are portrayed as poor, helpless victims for trying to sneak into our country illegally to obtain FREE welfare benefits and circumvent our immigration laws. Absurdity.

Hector Espada

Sadly the third worlders are bringing in all kinds of diseases that were once eradicated in America. Schumer and Pelosi could care less what happens to you or the illegals for that matter. They will be safely insulated from any contact with the peasants.

Rush Lemming

So THIS is where conservatives go to feel good about themselves. Greetings!

Anna Ostby

An autopsy will let us know how bad her dehydration was and how long she had been deprived of fluids as well as anything else that might have hasten her death only the father is responsible for this tragedy. I’m expecting a liberal shyster to file suit to make a name for themselves using the family .


the father put his daughter in this situation. that makes it his fault. who’s fault is it when someone leaves a child in a car when it hot out, the cops. NO. stop blaming other people for your mistakes. just like the left, it’s always someone else’s fault. people need to live up to their mistakes. you don’t go from ok to this in a 90 minute ride.

Betsy Lawson

I’m sorry about the little girls death but it’s no one’s fault but the parent. He was the one that hauled the kid north, trying to cross illegally. Stay in your own country and apply legally. The child would still be alive. I feel zero guilt about any deaths, circumstances or living conditions for these people. Stay home!!!

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