Mike Pence Won’t Eat Dinner Alone with Any Woman but His Wife — Journalists Want You to Know It’s a Scandal

The revelation is now 15 years old.

Vice President Mike Pence told The Hill in 2002 that he will not eat alone with any woman but his wife. He also avoids events that serve alcohol if his wife is absent. Pence has cited his Christian faith as the basis behind his personal decisions.

On Wednesday, the tidbit was featured in a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence — and it actually caused some controversy.

Boing Boing journalist Xeni Jardin compared Pence’s decision not to dine alone with other women to the “repressive interpretations of Islam” and Sharia law.

Clara Jeffery, the editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, suggested the revelation means “he won’t hire women in key spots.”

Pitchfork contributing editor Phillip Sherburne also made the “Sharia law” connection.


NBC News producer Carol Eggers cited Pence’s daughters in her jab:


Others quickly came to Pence’s defense.

Conservative TV host Dana Loesch not-so-subtly brought former President Bill Clinton into the controversy.

Others just shrugged off the hype:

Apparently even personal marital decisions are politically divisive in the Trump era.

What do you think?

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