Parents Will Be Disgusted When They See What Miley Cyrus Let Her Young Fans Do to Her

Pop star Miley Cyrus is all too familiar with controversy.

However, anything that Miley may have done on stage in the past is child’s play compared to a recent video that shows the artist going too far by letting her fans get way too close.

Rather than reach down and high five her screaming fans like most artists do, Miley took it upon herself to let her fans actually grope her vagina and rear end during a performance.

As if that wasn’t enough, Miley proceeded to lock lips with some of her fans, as well.

As you can see from some of the YouTube comments on the video, many were displeased, to put it mildly, with her actions:

“Cannot stand this no talent, no class, no respect whore. She is nothing but a upper class street whore.”

Another wrote:

“Now, I’m not sure who she is… stripper or singer?”

As well as:

“I would make a dirty joke but sadly I couldn’t be president anymore after that.”

While one said:

“I’m still waiting for her porn release.”

From the looks of it, Miley didn’t care whether it was a male or a female who was touching her, and that’s likely because she considers herself neither gay nor straight… but pansexual.

In a recent coming out interview with Variety, Miley opened up about her sexuality and gender identity:

Miley explained that over the years she has felt neither fully feminine or masculine, and she was attracted to both males and females alike. But she never liked identifying herself as bisexual.

However, when Miley started becoming an activist at an LGBTQ center in L.A. through her Happy Hippie Foundation, she came to a realization:

“I went to the LGBTQ center here in L.A., and I started hearing these stories.

I saw one human in particular who didn’t identify as male or female. Looking at them, they were both: beautiful and sexy and tough but vulnerable and feminine but masculine. And I related to that person more than I related to anyone in my life.

Even though I may seem very different, people may not see me as neutral as I feel. But I feel very neutral. I think that was the first gender-neutral person I’d ever met. Once I understood my gender more, which was unassigned, then I understood my sexuality more. I was like, ‘Oh — that’s why I don’t feel straight and I don’t feel gay. It’s because I’m not.'”

Miley was able to come to terms with her sexual identity and is now a self-described pansexual, meaning someone who is attracted to people of any sex, gender or age.

While Miley may seem comfortable with her sexuality, she explains that coming out was not always that easy:

“My parents didn’t understand, [but] I just felt that one day they are going to understand.”

To Miley’s surprise, it took her becoming a guest judge on “The Voice” for her family to finally understand:

“On The Voice, this young girl started crying when she left, because I’m the reason she came out,” Cyrus explained. “My mom started crying. She was like, ‘I’m so sorry about the way I was when you were that age and coming out.’ She never understood me until she saw that girl who couldn’t be herself. It was very cool.”

Regardless of Miley’s sexual orientation, parents who see the video below probably won’t be too keen on letting their kids go to her concerts any time soon.


[Editor’s note: Video contains graphic content who may offend some viewers.]

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