Mom Gets Her Four Kids Together for a Photo. Then She Sees the Fifth One Behind Them

When Deb Larcombe was pregnant with twins in 2007, her unborn son, Jeremy, was diagnosed with trisomy 18, better known as Edwards’ syndrome. According to the Trisomy 18 Foundation, trisomy 18 is:

[A] condition which is caused by a error in cell division, known as meiotic disjunction. When this happens, instead of the normal pair, an extra chromosome 18 results (a triple) in the developing baby and disrupts the normal pattern of development in significant ways that can be life-threatening, even before birth.

The condition affected Jeremy’s brain and heart; he was dying in the womb. Moreover, because he was positioned above his sister, Taylah, there was a good chance that she wouldn’t make it either.

Image Credit: Shanelle Massey Photography

Deb told The Metro:

“Once I reached the 20 week mark in my pregnancy the thought of losing Jeremy before birth became a lot more frightening. We knew he was positioned above Taylah in my womb and that if he miscarried now there was a very high chance of him causing Taylah to miscarry with him.

It was then I became very scared and I really wanted him to live and ensure he could help his sister be born safely.”

Thankfully, Jeremy held on just long enough for his sister to thrive and Taylah survived the pregnancy.

Jeremy was born alive weighing just 2 pounds, 7 ounces. Taylah weighed 5 pounds, 10 ounces. Deb recalled the moments after their birth:

“I was so thankful I got to meet [Jeremy] and spend that one hour and 20 minutes with him. His father and I took turns cradling him…I believe he may have held on for Taylah— he protected her.”

Deb said the doctors told her it was a miracle that she walked out of the hospital with her daughter in her arms:

“Doctors were very worried about me. Afterwards, once Taylah was born healthy doctors admitted they didn’t think I would leave the hospital with a baby. It’s a miracle I left with her and I believe Jeremy played a part in that.”

Sadly, Deb and her now-husband, Wayne, never had the chance to get a picture of Taylah and Jeremy together. That changed when Deb asked her 21-year-old daughter, Shanelle, to take photos of their family at her and Wayne’s wedding.

Deb explained that she wanted some nice photos of her children and grandchildren:

“We were at my parents’ house and Wayne and I were getting married that week but it was a surprise, no one else knew.”

Then Shanelle snapped a photo of Deb’s youngest children:

Image Credit: Shanelle Massey Photography

Including Jeremy:

Image Credit: Shanelle Massey Photography

Deb explained Jeremy’s “presence”:

“After seeing the picture of the glowing face next to Taylah, people have kept telling me that Jeremy wanted to be in the picture. It’s very special to me…All the pictures from that day seem to have something in them. It is like there is a light moving around Taylah, and I think it could be Jeremy.”

Deb said that it means a lot to her to think that Jeremy is watching over his sister:

“It would mean a lot to me to think that here is a picture of him and Taylah still together in a way,” she said. “With him staying by her.”

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