Mom and Pop Butcher Shop Bullied by Vegans Until They Agreed to Post This Sign in Their Store

Bullying in all forms is seen as a hateful practice by the political left, unless it achieves a political goal.

One of those goals has been accomplished in Berkeley, California, where months of daily bullying, and dramatic, often shocking protesting outside a local mom and pop butcher store has finally broken the owners, forcing them to comply with the demands of the vegan group.

The extreme animal rights group, known as Direct Action Everywhere, staged weekly protests outside of “The Local Butcher Shop,” which sources a wide assortment of meats for the progressive neighborhood. The protests included megaphones, chanting, and often naked humans bloodied and wrapped in saran wrap on a pallet.

The protests had a negative effect on business as customers had to walk through this every morning for their fresh meat:

Screenshot/YouTube Direct Action Everywhere

Eventually, like most victims of constant bullying, the victim acquiesced to the demands of the bully.

According to The Washington Post:

The protests were intense: People dripping with fake blood, tightly bound in plastic wrap as if they were cuts of meat. Singing, shouting, lecturing customers. It’s what Direct Action Everywhere, an animal rights group, would do every time the Local Butcher Shop would host its butchering classes in its Berkeley, Calif., store.

But after four months, the protests have finally slowed down, and for an unlikely reason: After receiving a list of demands from the group, which also goes by DXE, the butcher shop capitulated. Although the Local Butcher Shop touts its farms’ humane practices on its website, owners agreed to hang a sign in their window that reads “Attention: Animals lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done.”

The Local Butcher Shop’s owners, a husband and wife team named Monica and Aaron Rocchino, declined to comment when reached by The Post.

Direct Action Everywhere

In a report from NBC Bay Area, the shop co-owner Monica Rocchino tells reporters:

“The sign was the most palatable for the options brought to our business.”

However, will the deal be the end of the protests? No.

According to the leader of the protest group, this is a victory which will only lead to further protest of meat sellers in the area, with the intended goal of making every store in Berkeley vegan and establishing “total animal liberation” for the community.

They’ve reached an unsteady detente. “We haven’t committed to never protesting there again,” Johnson said, though they are drastically scaling back the number of protests they hold at the shop. “We don’t want that sign to be there forever, because we want that business to eventually not be killing animals.”

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