A Comprehensive List of Which Celebrities Are Endorsing 2016 Presidential Candidates

Celebrities, they’re just like us. They shop at the grocery store, go to the gym, and like to tell everyone what they think about politics.

But how much does it actually matter? Can famous actors and musicians change anyone’s vote?

A study published in the Journal of Law, Economics & Organization in 2013 found Oprah’s endorsement of then-Senator Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election had a “statistically and politically significant effect” and was estimated to have netted Obama 1,015,559 votes in the Democratic primary.

A study found Oprah’s endorsement influenced the 2008 Democratic primary.

Areas with a higher concentration of Oprah fans also had “higher-than-expected” levels of support for Obama.

But Oprah, who at the time had a daily audience of 8 million television viewers and 16 million magazine readers, was “the upper bound of the potential effect of a celebrity endorsement,” the study said. Lil B defecting from Clinton to Bernie Sanders isn’t going to have the same effect (but maybe someone like Taylor Swift or Bill Gates could).

Still, as long as there are politicians, there will be celebrities willing to go public with their support. Here are some celebrities who’re already backing candidates, either through explicit endorsements or more subtle statements.

Scott Walker

Image credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images

Scott Baio

Baio, who starred as Chachi in “Happy Days,” said Walker “sounds a lot like Reagan.”


Marco Rubio

Image credit: Win McNamee / Getty

Rick Harrison

The star of “Pawn Stars” endorsed Rubio and hosted a fundraiser for him in May.

Image credit: Fox News

Rand Paul

Image credit: Ethan Miller / Getty

Vince Vaughn

Vaughn, who attended campaign events for Ron Paul in 2012, called Rand “the candidate that is currently running that I am most sort of aligned with in sort of his thoughts and philosophies” during comments at UCLA.

Image credit: Bryan Steffy / Getty

Mike Huckabee

Image credit: Scott Olson / Getty

The Duggars

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were the top two endorsements listed on Huckabee’s website earlier this year. Huckabee defended the family following allegations their son Josh molested underage girls when he was a teenager, writing on Facebook that Josh’s actions were “inexcusable,” but not “unforgivable.”

Chuck Norris

Norris told the New York Times, “I still believe Mike Huckabee is the most qualified. He has the moral clarity and experience to lead our great country forward.”

Image credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Tony Orlando

Orlando performed at Huckabee’s presidential announcement and called the candidate, “the most trusted man I’ve ever met in my life.”

Image credit: Matt Sullivan / Getty

Bobby Jindal

Image credit: Sean Gardner / Getty

Willie Robertson

Robertson told Fox News, “I’d like to see [Jindal] make a run for it, and you know, if so, we’ll definitely be trying to help him out.”

Image credit: Mike Windle / Getty

Bernie Sanders

Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Lil B

Lil B rapped in the song “B**tch I’m Bill Clinton” that Hillary would, “be president soon, baby,” but this week came out in support of Sanders. The rapper said he supported Sanders’ views on education and respected his involvement in fighting segregation.

Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo was a longtime supporter of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), but now that it’s clear she’s not running, he’s begun tweeting support for Sanders.

Martin O’Malley

Image credit: Win McNamee / Getty

Timothy Simons

Simons, who plays Jonah on “Veep,” told Bloomberg, “I’m for Martin O’Malley.”

Image credit: HBO

Ben Carson

Image credit; Joe Raedle / Getty

Kid Rock

Kid Rock told the New York Times magazine, “I’m very interested in the things that Ben Carson has to say.” He supported Romney in 2012, letting the candidate use his song “Born Free” at campaign events.

Image credit: Ethan Miller / Getty

Donald Trump

Image credit: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty

Dennis Rodman

Ted Nugent

Nugent told “The Rita Cosby Show” Trump would, “kick a** and take names and that’s what America needs right now.”

Image credit: Randy Snyder / Getty

Hillary Clinton

Image credit: Kris Connor / Getty

Ariana Grande

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Beyoncé attended a fundraiser for Clinton in May. She backed Obama in the last election and suggested those who voted for Mitt Romney were “mitches” in a post she later deleted.


Carole King

Clay Aiken

Aiken publicly supported Clinton the day she announced her campaign, but said on Twitter and CSPAN he wanted her to loosen up because she seemed to stiff in the video.

Clay Aiken on C-SPAN.

Ja Rule

The rapper told Fox Business, “I like Hillary,” and, “I also think Jeb is a good candidate as well, but I’m a Democrat so I will vote Hillary.”

Image credit: Fox Business

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez told E! News, “I’m very excited by the news [of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement],” and, “I think it’s time for a woman.”

Jennifer Lopez attends the 2015 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 7, 2015 in New York City. Image credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Katy Perry

The pop star met Clinton on her book tour for Hard Choices. Perry tweeted her support for the Clinton candidacy and offered to write the former Secretary of State a campaign song.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian West

The Wests attended a Clinton fundraiser last week. Caitlyn Jenner, who’s conservative, probably wasn’t too happy with that.

  I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident   A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kelly Clarkson

The singer told Rolling Stone, “I’m a fan of Hillary Clinton.” She expressed her love of Ron Paul in the 2012 election.

Kelly Clarkson performs onstage during The iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party at Caesars Palace on May 30, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Image credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

LA Reid

The music exec hosted a fundraiser for Clinton in May.

Lena Dunham

Dunham posted a photo on Instagram with a Clinton bumper sticker.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson

The Olsons attended a fundraiser for Clinton in April.


Ne-Yo told The Hill, “Ms. Clinton — Mrs. Clinton, I should say, she’s a favorite of mine.”

Image credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell told GQ, “Hillary’s gonna win. Listen, I’m reaching out to her right now. She’s gonna win.”

Image credit: Oli Scarff / AFP/Getty

Robert De Niro

The actor told The Daily Beast, “Hopefully it will be [Clinton as the next president], yes. I think that she’s paid her dues. There are going to be no surprises, and she has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point.”

Robert De Niro onstage during Spike TV’s Guys Choice 2015 at Sony Pictures Studios on June 6, 2015 in Culver City, California.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop said on “Watch What Happens Live,” “I’ll be voting for Ms. Clinton.”

Image credit: Bravo

Waka Flocka Flame

When asked by MTV News who he was voting for, Waka Flocka said, “Hillary. A woman could do it.”

Image credit: MTV

50 Cent

The rapper told The Daily Beast, “It’s Hillary Time.”

Image credit: Michael Buckner / Getty

On the fence

Image credit: Darren McCollester / Getty

Charles Barkley

Barkley told Sports Illustrated he has always voted for Democratic candidates, but he likes “some of the Republicans this time around. I like Chris Christie. I like Jeb Bush. I like those guys.”

Image credit: Ethan Miller / Getty

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