New Leaked Hillary Emails Talk About ‘Decision Fatigue’ and a Drug to Treat ‘Excessive Sleepiness’

After sidestepping late night host Jimmy Kimmel’s question about her health by having him take her pulse to “make sure I’m alive,” presidential contender Hillary Clinton could now be facing even more questions after more of her emails have leaked.

Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube
Image Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/“Kimmel Live”

During her appearance, Kimmel had Mrs. Clinton open a jar of pickles to show off her physical abilities, while she claimed questions about her health are “part of the wacky strategy” by political opponents.

However, WikiLeaks is highlighting hacked emails that show the deep concern then-Secretary of State Clinton’s staff had for her health. Previous emails revealed Mrs. Clinton was “often confused” and napped when she had meetings scheduled.

The hacker group is drawing special attention to emails that indicate that her staff may have been concerned about how her health could affect her job performance.

In one email, Clinton attorney, chief-of-staff and confidant Cheryl Mills sent the Secretary of State information to read on “decision fatigue.” In her reply, the Secretary declared it to be a “spooky descriptive”:

Image Credit: Screenshot/WikiLeaks
Image Credit: Screenshot/WikiLeaks

The email made the case that when confronted with many choices, sometimes people with low energy would make any decision just to get it over with. The paper exhorted people to stay nourished so that they would have the energy to make good decisions.

Apparently, Mills thought her boss needed this info.

WikiLeaks connected the email about “decision fatigue” to Clinton’s seeking out a drug that would pep her up and keep her alert at work.

Clinton’s top foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan sent an email suggesting the Secretary look into the drug “Provigil” to keep her awake at work:

Image Credit: Screenshot/WikiLeaks
Image Credit: Screenshot/WikiLeaks

According to the email, Provigil is used by all kinds of people, from truckers to people with Parkinson’s to stay awake and alert:

“Provigil is used to treat excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder (sleepiness during scheduled waking hours among people who work at night or on rotating shifts). It is also often prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness in patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis. Additionally, it has also gained a following among students, truckers, and others who want to stay awake for extended periods of time.”

In another email, Mrs. Clinton’s senior advisor, Philippe Reines, sought expertise from the NFL for brain injuries after the Secretary’s concussion:

Image Credit: Screenshot/WikiLeaks
Image Credit: Screenshot/WikiLeaks

Recently, television’s Dr. Drew and one of his colleagues took issue with the kind of medical care and treatment Mrs. Clinton is receiving and noted it could make her conditions even worse.

Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita told Fox News Business that Mrs. Clinton’s health should be vetted by “an impartial panel of physicians,” which would give its professional opinion about her physical condition “before election day.”

You can watch Hillary. Clinton’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, below:

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