OJ Simpson’s Daughter’s BF Is Running for Office in FL and He Is Scared Release From Prison Could Hurt His Chances

Two weeks ago, it was announced that Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was granted parole after nine years in prison and will be released in October.

The release of Simpson has renewed nationwide curiosity as people have continued to follow the former football star.

However, his release is coming at a time that might not be ideal for the man who is dating O.J.’s daughter.

According to the New York Post, Simpson’s daughter Sydney is dating Robert Blackmon, 28, who is one of eight candidates running for an open council seat in St. Petersburg, Florida.


With the upcoming election and the release of his potential father-in-law, Blackmon told the Post he hopes his relationship with Sydney does not sway voters to vote against him because of his connection with Simpson.

Speaking with the Post on Sunday, Blackmon said:

“If that’s the will of the people, that’s the will of the people. I hope to keep [the campaign] to the issues.”

When asked about how the family thinks of his political run, Blackmon chose to keep them out of it:

“I probably shouldn’t be speaking about the Simpsons without their permission. The entire Simpson family are great people. They’ve been great friends to me.”

However, he did say while his girlfriend is a “private person” she has “been selflessly supporting me and not worried about herself.”

Time will tell if his relationship to one of the most infamous murder suspects of all time will affect his run.

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