‘Flavor of the Month’ Ocasio-Cortez Isn’t Getting High Marks from Some Fellow Democrats

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While Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is enjoying popularity on social media, many Democratic lawmakers are expressing their doubts as to whether or not her aggressive tone is the best strategy for the party.

“Her views don’t represent a lot of my constituents,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

IJR has previously reported, Ocasio-Cortez is well-known for her progressive policies and lack of solid plans to back them up. Senator Doug Jones spoke to The Hill about why he doesn’t believe extreme views will be effective.

“When it gets time to get things done, that’s what people are going to be looking at — they’re going to be looking at the middle-of-the-roaders because it’s the only way to get anything done,” Jones said. “If the House did all the crazy things on the left that the House did on the right for the last two years, that’s not going to happen.”

Senator Jon Tester also predicted that someone else will soon take Ocasio-Cortez’s place.

“Flavors of the month come and go. She’s a flavor of the month right now. My guess is she’ll come, she’ll go. It’s the way the system works,” Tester said. “I hope she has a great, successful career.”

Former senators, such as Claire McCaskill, also shared concerns with the trend of Democrats constantly criticizing President Donald Trump.

“I worry that the Democrats are majoring in Trump bashing,” said McCaskill. “And we’ll have to do more than that in order to win the confidence of enough Americans to regain the Senate and importantly the presidency.”

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Rocky Drummond

““Her views don’t represent a lot of my constituents,” said Senator Jeanne Shaheen.”

According to Michael Shure, who spoke with about 140 of our elected officials last week, most are enthused by AOC.

Can you find a few of the corrupt who are scared of her policies or even threatened by them? Of course you can. But why should we give ANY credence to what that loser Claire McCaskill has to say about her? She just got kicked out of office for trying to be wishy-washy in the middle.

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