OH MAN: Democrats Hold Lessons on How to Talk to Real People–Like Trump

Democrats are trying to get a little of that Donald Trump mojo–or at least that’s the way it looks based on what they’re studying at their yearly retreat.

Both Democrats and Republicans are holding separate retreats to strategize and plan for what’s to come in the new Congress.

Republicans traveled to Philadelphia and heard from the new president and British Prime Minister Theresa May, and talked about legislative priorities such as replacing Obamacare and job creation.

Democrats are meeting in West Virginia, where Politico reports that one of the sessions is “a discussion with Trump voters.” And there are plenty of those. Trump won West Virginia by a 43% margin, capturing 67.9% of the vote in November.

The Washington Free Beacon says the idea behind the discussion is to learn “how to converse with regular people”:

“Democratic members of Congress are learning how to converse with regular people during a retreat this week to prepare to battle President Donald Trump.

One session at the Democratic retreat focused on ‘speaking to those who feel invisible in rural America’,” the report continues. “Two others were titled ‘Listening to those feel unheard’ and ‘Rising America–They feel unheard too.’”

It might be a steep learning curve, however. The last two Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and President Obama, both promised ‘just regular folks’ — like West Virginia coal miners — that they’d “bankrupt” coal mines and “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

As a result, 35% of West Virginia’s coal mining jobs have disappeared. Nationally, 83,000 coal jobs were snuffed out by the Obama administration’s efforts to “bankrupt” coal in an effort to go to cleaner energy sources.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also dismissed half of Trump voters as a “basket of deplorables” who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it.”

People who had gotten a whiff of the class on how to talk to regular people gave it a ride on social media:

“REM” remembered when presidential candidate Al Gore hired feminist Naomi Wolf to teach him how to talk and act like an alpha male:

“Guilherme” thought he knew what their problem was before Democrats decided to hold their retreat:

The Democrats have nine Senate seats up for grabs next year, including West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, so they’d better get talking.

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