The Historic GOP Landslide of 2014 That Nobody’s Talking About

We all now know that Tuesday’s results for the GOP were a gain of 7 in the Senate, 14 in the House, and 3 in governor’s mansions across the country. But what about the state legislatures? Did a similar tide of red sweep their statehouses as well?

The short answer: yes, they did.

Here are the summaries of the results, reported by the Washington Post:

  1. Net gain of 8 legislative chambers, increasing from 59 to 67 out of a total of 98 (Nebraska is technically unicameral, but it is dominated by Republicans as well).
  2. This sets a record for the modern era, breaking the one in 2012.
  3. Republicans now have total control of 24 states, controlling legislative chambers as well as the governor’s office.
  4. Republicans have supermajority status in 8 states.
  5. Control is split in 17 states (3 of whose governors flipped from Democrat to Republican).
  6. Republicans now have four lieutenant governorships due to defeating Democrat incumbents.
  7. Democrats have total control in 6 states.

Now that the election’s over, Republicans have before them an immense opportunity to influence the direction in which our nation is headed. What they do with this opportunity remains to be seen.

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