One of Trump’s Fiercest Critics Is Stunning Fellow ‘NeverTrumpers’ with Response to President’s First Week

Erick Erickson, formerly of RedState and now of The Resurgent, was one of the early voices of the #NeverTrump contingent. Vocal in his criticisms of Trump the candidate, Erickson concluded that he couldn’t “hold his nose” and vote for Trump the nominee — and he instead supported independent candidate Evan McMullin.

Just a week into Trump’s presidency, Erickson seems to be singing a slightly different tune:

In the linked article, Erickson makes it abundantly clear that he’s not giving blanket approval to the president and that he still believes many of Trump’s personal positions are problematic at best:

“Donald Trump was not my first or last choice for President. I still have tremendous concerns about him.”

But he also made room for giving credit where he felt it was due. Citing strong cabinet picks like Defense Secretary James Mattis, Erickson noted:

“Donald Trump’s first week in office should reassure skeptics that Trump has surrounded himself with sound counsel and is committed to his job. He is not, himself, a conservative, but Trump clearly recognizes who brought him to the dance.

Those of us who opposed him from the right should breathe easier and tell him thank you for so much of what he has done this week.”

Erickson went on to soundly criticize McMullin, the candidate he supported in November, for actions since the election that were, in his opinion, more focused on being “anti-Trump” than “pro-conservative”:

“I think Evan McMullin and those joining him need to be willing to step back from constant criticism and loudly note there has been a lot of good thus far. Riding the praise of the left in the name an anti-Trump crusade that hides behind words like ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ is foolish when many of the leftists praising the effort would gladly restrict our freedom and liberty themselves.


Both the side that always praises Trump and the side that always criticizes him are wrong. A group that derives from #NeverTrump that has not yet come to terms with President Trump is a group that risks hijacking conservatism just as much as #AlwaysTrump.”

Erickson concluded by saying that if President Trump’s upcoming four years are a reflection of his first week, he would have no trouble voting for him in 2020.

And that’s when his Twitter followers lost it:

But Erickson isn’t alone in his hope that Trump will turn out to be a “decent president.”

Actor George Clooney, who actively supported Hillary Clinton, wished him well because “when the president succeeds, America succeeds.” Actor Tom Hanks, who initially considered Trump’s campaign laughable, later noted, “I hope he does so well that I vote for his re-election.”

Erick Erickson on the same page as Trump’s Hollywood critics? Interesting times in the media world, indeed.

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