Vandals Hit Two North Carolina Confederate Memorials. On One, They Didn't Just Use Spray Paint...

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In the aftermath of the horrific murders of nine black church members at Charleston, South Carolina's Emanuel AME Church, vandals have sprouted up across the South, taking extreme measures by defacing monuments to Confederate soldiers - most often by using spray paint to write words expressing their discontent with the displays.

Charlotte, North Carolina, has become the latest Southern city to face such attacks. Just this week, two Confederate memorials were defaced uptown, one by the use of spray paint - and the other by way of liquid cement.

The first monument, seen below, was erected in 1977 and stands across from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on Old City Hall (city-owned) grounds:

The second monument is located near Central Piedmont Community College and has been there since 1929:

The 1929 monument has been in the spotlight recently, as it was debated last week by the Mecklenburg County board of commissioners:

[The language on the monument] raised issues for some residents and county commissioners who at a meeting last week discussed removing the monument or erecting beside it a plaque reflecting contemporary attitudes about race. Some members of the public called for the monument’s removal because they felt it celebrated white supremacy. Others were adamant that it be kept in place for its historic value.

Commissioners did not make a decision and have said they don’t plan to take the issue up again.

Democrats control the county commission board 6-3.

Incidentally, a North Carolina bill to prohibit removal of public “objects of remembrance” was approved by a House committee yesterday. The Senate passed the bill in April.

Anyone who has information about the vandal(s) involved in the Charlotte memorial defacements is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

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