A Woman In Hong Kong Was Arrested For A Crime That Has Locals Waving Bras In Protest

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A young woman's conviction and three-and-a-half month jail sentence for the 'offense' of assaulting a police officer with her breast has generated an uproar in Hong Kong, and on Sunday protesters marched in front of police headquarters to express their outrage:

Around 200 protesters staged a demonstration in front of Hong Kong’s police headquarters on Sunday, wearing and waving bras and carrying placards to protest the recent conviction of a woman for assaulting a police officer with her breast, the South China Morning Post reports.

Ng Lai-ying, 30, was sentenced to three and a half months in jail last Thursday. Authorities say she intentionally pushed her breast against officer Chan Ka-po — while participating in a demonstration against cross-border trading in March — in order to falsely accuse him of molesting her.

Amateur video taken of the event shows a struggle between Ng and several officers, but the only injury apparent in the video is to her when she reappears after the incident with a bloody nose and face.

Of her trial, CNN reports:

During her trial, Ng pleaded not guilty, saying she cried “indecent assault” when the police officer's hand landed on her breast, according to the South China Morning Post.

But a local magistrate rejected the claim and accused her of lying.

“You used your female identity to trump up the allegation that the officer had molested you. This is a malicious act,” said deputy magistrate Chan Pik-kiu, adding Ng had harmed the officer's reputation with her accusation.

Sunday's protests saw a colorful mix of different types of bras being worn or carried by both women and men as gestures of support for Ng:

Around 100 people gathered for the light-hearted “breast walk” protest outside police headquarters in Wan Chai district, with some holding up bras and others wearing them over their tops.

“We better watch out as one day police might accuse us of attacking with our penis or buttock,” a topless male activist wearing a black bra told the crowd.

Retired teacher James Hon, 66, wearing a pink bra over his white polo shirt, told AFP: “It's the first time to wear a bra in my entire life.”

Ng is currently out on bail pending an appeal. As for officer Ka-po, authorities have yet to release any information on how he's recovering from his alleged breast bump 'injury.'

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