Why the 'Jon Stewarting' of America's Youth Is Awful For Political Discourse

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" #JonVoyage
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Of all of the many plagues Obama’s reign has unleashed upon America, the way he and his TV acolytes have empowered stupid people to smugly share their lefty wisdom may be the most tiresome. Firmly resistant to facts, evidence, and truth, his fans have been liberated to unleash their numbing dumb without the shame at their own ignorance that once would have deterred them from sounding off. As a result, America becomes a little more annoying every time some aspiring assistant barista tweets out a link to a YouTube clip titled, “John Oliver TOTALLY DESTORYS racist Ben Carson!”

Confusing mere snark with sarcasm, these fools flood social media and even traditional media with their self-satisfied screeds, and in the process cause real damage to our culture by degrading discourse into a sludge pond of unexamined premises, fact-free memes, and scuzzy phallocentric jibes. Because they can’t argue, they seek to silence – leaving the folks they want to gag with no peaceful way to be heard. That’s bad.

Call it the Jon Stewarting of America. To them, there is only the received wisdom that conservatives are bad, liberals are good, and that if you believe in Jesus you’re a half-wit. Of course, global warming is a thing, whether it gets hotter or colder, whether there are more hurricanes or fewer. And you’re all racists to boot. Look, here’s a graphic with Marco Rubio riding an H-Bomb like Slim Pickens! See, it’s because he’s a crazy warmonger for wanting not to surrender to ISIS! You’re demolished now, conservatives!

But when you see the kind of Millennial doofuses who ape the Jon Stewarts of the world, you understand. All they have is their precious, self-awarded cool. They have crummy jobs, crushing student debt, and no future. They have zero money or fame, nor any track record of achievement other than mere participation, and no one is handing trophies out for that in the real world.  Cool is their currency because they simply have nothing else. That’s why these trained seals hoot and clap away whenever Bill Maher or whoever replaced Jon Stewart says something. It’s not about whether it’s true. It’s not even about whether it’s funny.  They are clapping for themselves, applauding their own coolness. And it’s boring and dumb.

That’s why when one leftist dork tweets an incoherent insult on Twitter, it will draw a dozen favorites. “Wow, @AtheistSexgod69 just called that conservative guy with a job who thinks people should support themselves a racist! And he made it into a meme by using a picture of some dude named Robert Byrd in a KKK hood! Take that, Republicans! Hashtag #Burn!”

It’s not about using actual knowledge or leveraging real-world experience – these snowflakes have neither. It’s about getting off an insult, mere snark over substance. And snark is the lowest form of sarcasm; it’s the mime of repartee.

No one thinks this stuff is actually funny; it’s all about solidarity. You never hear real laughs on these political shows, just cheers of approval. And since their discourse has nothing to do with evidence, there’s a lot of crude sexual commentary offered for shock value, as if calling a conservative “gay” is going to reduce him to stuttering catatonia. For people allegedly so sensitive to homophobia, these twits are awful quick to play the sodomy card.

I recently posted a column on a plan to destroy ISIS which involved actually destroying ISIS. One gentleman in the Washington Post pointed out some flaws in my ideas, I think incorrectly, but certainly fairly. This is called an “argument.” But the Jon Stewarties had to pipe up too. I don’t expect them to be retired Army colonels or War College graduates, but I do expect them to know some basic facts about the subject before weighing in. Yet their ignorance was no deterrent.

I carefully crafted the piece to track past campaigns – you can find historical precedent for all of my ideas. This was completely lost on them. They used the term “war crimes” like the phrase has meaning without reference to what the Geneva Conventions actually say, which they don’t know. I posited a president recalling to active duty a legendarily aggressive Marine general and former CENTCOM commander with a colorful nickname, and if you have the most basic knowledge about the subject you will know who I was referring to.  They didn’t. They thought he was a character I had made up. It was, frankly, embarrassing. And some write for prestigious, even respected, media outlets. Another writes for Gawker.

And just because these punchlines with bylines were scribbling in high profile media did not stop them from going for the crotch. Almost all of them graphically speculated that my writing the piece coincided with a breathless spasm of onanism; I suspect that they were merely following the ancient injunction to, “Write what you know.”

Stupid trolls and hack journalists are annoying, but a democratic republic cannot function without the possibility of argument and reasoned debate. However, the point of Jon Stewarting is just the opposite – it’s to shame, intimidate, and silence the opposition with insults and innuendo. In keeping with Obama’s example, it assumes that your opponent has no views worthy of considering nor a right to offer any views at all, and acts accordingly. It is about delegitimizing all opposition, and thereby crushing it.