Lena Dunham Just Taught Conservatives An Important Lesson About Millennials And Hillary Clinton

Lena Dunham And Abby Wambach Attend Women For Hillary Events
Scott Eisen/Getty Images
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In a shocking turn of events that should surprise absolutely no one, voice of her generation Lena Dunham has once again said something unbelievably foolish.  But the specific content of the yammerings of this over-privileged Hollywood heavyweight is meaningless – what’s important is what her stream-of-unconsciousness monologue tells us about Millennials and how we conservatives need to communicate with them before next November.

Dunham’s latest offering to our national conversation on liberal fascism sounds like something a struggling sophomore womyn’s studies student at Gudger College might blurt out after a particularly rippin’ bong hit. According to Time, which used to be relevant back before Dunham was born, she is in New Hampshire acting as Hillary’s surrogate, where she offered these astute observations:

“While Hillary Clinton’s anatomy is not the reason I’m voting for her,” Dunham told the Street restaurant audience on Friday, “there’s nothing that would send a stronger message to this country, and to the world at large than sending a competent, strong, essential woman to the highest office."

"She has survived horrific and totally gendered attacks on every aspect of her character with unimaginable dignity and aplomb,” Dunham said.

Let’s unpack this word duffel by translating it from the original Trustafarian into English. That Hillary is a woman is not the reason Dunham is slobbering over her, but it totally could be. Why? It would “send a message.” And what message is that?  That people in a Western country will vote for someone with two X chromosomes? Margaret Thatcher was a … oh wait, I’m doing it again. I’m assuming that anything that occurred before our world was graced by the presence of Lena Dunham and her co-generationists matters. And let’s also ignore Sarah Palin, whose election apparently would not have sent a powerful message, probably because Palin actually likes America.

It’s also adorable how Dunham uses the term “competent” in a sentence listing Hillary Clinton’s characteristics. And “strong.”  And, inexplicably, “essential.” Exactly what is “competent,” “strong” or “essential” about a doormat who allowed herself to be publicly humiliated by a guy who repaid her submission by arranging for her to be handed a Senate seat? Words have meaning, Lena.

Oh, what about “unimaginable dignity”? Why ever would she need to display dignity? And “survived horrific and totally gendered attacks on every aspect of her character?” So much lib speak in one sentence fragment! “Survived?” Drama much, Lena? Was she ever in actual danger of something besides hurt feelings, maybe like some ambassador abandoned in an unsecured Libyan consulate might have been?

“Horrific” attacks on her character? Hillary never experienced one tenth the hell she put the victims of her pervert husband’s sexual abuse through. But does Lena care? Does she even know, because what this waddling, coddled TV novelty act doesn’t know would fill volumes? What happened to believing the victims of sexual abuse? Or was that always just a pose, something to be disregarded if the abusee is going to make problems for a progressive superstar? Or if, say, the victim is the sister of a liberal celebrity?

Sheesh, is there just one liberal bigwig anywhere – just one – who isn’t a pervert him or herself, or covering up for another liberal bigshot who is?

And then there’s “totally gendered,” as if “gendered” is even a word. It’s not a word. It’s a string of letters, but it’s not a word because a word represents a coherent concept and “gendered” is not a coherent concept. It’s a pseudo-term invented and used by goofy academics and the pampered snowflakes who take their classes and who are desperate to sound like they didn’t waste four years and $200,000 learning made-up words.

So, basically, what Lena Dunham has told us is nothing about Hillary Clinton but, rather, a whole lot about herself and how mind-fryingly foolish she is. But what does it matter what some ingénue with a fading TV series thinks?

What Lena Dunham thinks matters not at all; what other Millennials think does. And what Dunham reminds us is that Millennials have little understanding of the real Hillary Clinton. For one thing, when her reign of terror started they were barely walking. To the extent they think of her at all – many are fans of her fellow geriatric socialist Bernie Sanders – they think she’s a nice lady who sort of accomplishes stuff. They don’t know what or who she is. They don’t know that as Secretary of State she ensured their generation will be paying for, if not actually fighting, wars until they are middle aged. They don’t know that she is a corrupt, money-grubbing grifter whose wrinkly palm has been greased by every Wall Street bigwig from here to the Hamptons. They don’t know that she did figuratively to Bill’s female victims what he did to them literally.

Ignorance is bliss, so Lena Dunham is ecstatic. And Lena’s inability to stop talking has given us an insight into how to reach the Millennial voters Hillary cynically considers in the bag. We need to talk to them and show them the real Hillary, and not let her hide behind a curtain of lies and academia-speak uttered by some bloated Hollywood buffoon.