Rubio And Cruz Supporters Need To Agree To A Truce To Stop Trump

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Iowa Days Before State's Caucus
Scott Olson/Getty Images
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Both sides have been dishonest. That their supporters do not want to admit that both Cruz and Rubio have played fast with the truth puts them in cults of personality just like Trump supporters. The reality is that Cruz and Rubio stand to lose because they refuse to unite to save either their party or country.

Both Cruz and Rubio are children of refugees from despots. Here comes Donald Trump with an online army of white supremacists threatening violence to opponents, harm to those who fund the campaign against him, and bullying. He accuses them both of ineligibility to run for office and Cruz and Rubio’s response is to attack each other.

It is rather shameful.

Trump is a protectionist and Cruz and Rubio are not. So they attack each other as liars instead of attacking the costly schemes of Donald Trump.

Trump will say anything, often pivoting on positions within sentences in a single speech. So Cruz and Rubio are attacking each other as liars.

Trump gleefully talks about beating up protestors as his rallies and sends out his online horde to attack those who do not like him while Cruz and Rubio, whose families fled from this sort of stuff, attack each other.

Rubio campaign supporters spent a lot of energy last year attacking Ted Cruz for not attacking Donald Trump. Now Rubio is on the trail saying he will not attack Donald Trump. Many of Rubio’s supporters are suddenly silent.

Rubio defended Ted Cruz when Trump said Cruz was ineligible to be President. Now Trump has said it about Rubio and Cruz is silent.

The people get the President they deserve and it is hard to escape the conclusion that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are getting what they deserve at this time.

I think the only way to stop this madness is for Rubio and Cruz supporters to take the campaign into their own hands. In states like Texas where Cruz is ahead and in states like Alabama where Cruz is in second behind Trump, all of Rubio’s supporters should swallow their pride and vote for Ted Cruz.

In states like Florida where Utah and Georgia where Rubio is outperforming Cruz, Cruz supporters should swallow their pride and vote for Marco Rubio. For either Cruz or Rubio to be the nominee, Trump must be stopped. If Rubio and Cruz supporters will not agree to a truce to stop Trump on the promise that they can fight it out later in the season then they too will get the nominee they deserve — Donald Trump.