Former NYPD: 'FBI Director James Comey Had No Choice. Again.'

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
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FBI Director James Comey had no choice. Again.

Only this time, direction came from the American people, a very nervous and talkative Anthony Weiner, and the irresponsible actions of his number two, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

My law enforcement experience tells me one thing above all else. For the FBI to reopen a case of this magnitude 11 days before Election Day, and influence what might be the most polarizing and vitriolic campaign in American history, the weight of this new evidence has to be crushing for Hillary Clinton and her staff.

Sadly, Americans have come to expect nepotism and cronyism from politicians. Make no mistake, the Director of the FBI is a politician, not a cop. Comey’s actions in closing the initial investigation without charging Hillary Clinton were predictable, and of no surprise to those of us who have worked in law enforcement or the political process. It was simply business as usual.

Despite the appearance of impartiality, the Director of the FBI serves at the discretion of the POTUS, with “guidance” from the Attorney General. And in this case, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, owes her career to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

It was, after all, Bill Clinton who appointed her to her first stint as U.S. Attorney for New York’s Eastern District back in 1999. So it stood to reason that when Bill Clinton summoned Ms. Lynch to that meeting on the private jet at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, he was going to call in his favor.

And that light hearted chat about “grandchildren and golf” seemingly turned into the DOJ and FBI clearing Bill’s wife of all criminal charges, and closing their case into what any of us familiar with sensitive information knew to be one of the most egregious illegal mishandlings of classified information in the history of our nation.

When the spin started, I was personally insulted. Hillary Clinton feigned ignorance on everything from yoga e mails to knowing that “C” meant confidential or classified. There was only one problem for the Queen of Benghazi. Hillary Clinton, at the time she was Secretary of State, was one of only 14 people in the entire United States Government who was authorized by Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13526 of December 29, 2009  to be an OCA or Original Classification Authority of Top Secret intelligence. Simply put, Hillary was authorized to say “that one is top secret, that one is not.” Her playing stupid was just another in a long line of lies.

And everything was going swimmingly for Mrs. Clinton. She was leading in the polls, her legal troubles were behind her, the Clinton Foundation was more profitable than ever, fashion designers were gearing up to provide her with eight years of communist dictator pantsuits, and Huma was finally single. Life was good.

Damn you Podesta!

Julian Assange and Wikileaks didn’t just rain on Hillary’s parade. They brought a tsunami wrapped in a hurricane inside of a monsoon. Leak upon leak, day after day, proving that Hillary Campaign Chair John Podesta didn’t just look like a cartoon villain, he was one.

But as damning as the Podesta e mails were, they did not seem to affect Hillary’s numbers in polls.

Enter Carlos Danger aka Anthony Abedin-Weiner. Good Lord, isn’t he just the gift that keeps on giving. Weiner couldn’t keep his own in his pants, and once again was a sexting machine. The only problem this time was that the object of his affections was a 15-year-old girl.

Now, I have worked child sex predator cases and can tell you that they are the one type of case where politics and influence go out the window. No one in law enforcement is going to do favors for a pedophile, no matter who his wife has a 20-year crush on.

Having arrested guys like Mr. Abedin-Weiner, I can tell you that prison terrifies them more than women over 25. In order to avoid spending a day in a cell, they will talk and talk and talk and tal…well, you get the point. And I believe that is a big part of what happened here. I would bet that the FBI did not so much discover e mails damning to Hillary while investigating Weiner, as much as Weiner got in front of his problems and handed them to investigators on a silver Clinton Foundation crested platter.

Weiner, knowing he was facing very serious sex crimes charges and a lifetime sex offender registration that would seriously impede his Tinder experience, decided to tell the FBI where the bodies were buried. And since we are talking about the Clintons, he might have meant that literally.

Combine that with a crystal clear money trail between lifetime Clinton fixer and money man Terry McAuliffe and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe’s wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, accepted nearly $675,000 in donations for her failed VA State Senate run from both a PAC controlled by McCauliffe and the Democratic Party of Virginia. And the money started flowing in weeks after the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton began.

Not to mention that McCabe, in under a year, went from running the FBI’s DC field office to being the number two man at the Bureau. And in the middle of all of this, Hillary Clinton was cleared.

There comes a point where coincidences cease being coincidences, The American people reached that point five minutes after Comey cleared Clinton and closed the case. This new evidence made it impossible for the FBI to continue protecting Hillary Clinton.

Political pressure gave Comey no choice on the first go round. This time it was conservative media and concerned citizens.

Now excuse me while I make some popcorn and wait for what’s next.