Dr. Ben Carson Saved My Life From A Brain Tumor - He's A Problem-Solver Who Can Lead HUD

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I have seen a lot of very nasty things said about Dr. Ben Carson since he was catapulted into public life over the past year, and I would like to speak out because the portrait that’s been painted is not the man I know and respect. In fact, I can barely recognize him the way he’s been described in the media.

I’ve known Dr. Carson almost my entire life - and he is the one who saved it.

At the age of three and a half, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. I lived in Georgia and while there, I had four shunt surgeries to move excess fluid from my brain, but no surgeon thought there was any hope for me. I was given 18 months to live.

My parents were on a quest for a miracle. They heard about a young neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Pediatric Neurosurgery Center in Baltimore named Dr. Ben S. Carson. So we went on a trip from Atlanta to find him.

When I arrived at Hopkins on the brink of death, we were taken back by his humility and his compassion. When I first met him, he sat me on his lap, our eyes locked and I knew there was an instant connection, as if we were kindred spirits.

The doctors took a brain scan and concluded that I had a defused tumor that had attached itself to the brain stem, meaning that surgery was not an option. Dr. Carson was willing to remove as much mass that accumulated on the left side of the brain stem as possible.

And after a short recovery period, he noticed that, instead of deteriorating, I progressively got better.

He ordered another Cat Scan and noticed that the tumor had mysteriously pulled away from the brain stem. When another MRI was taken, Dr. Carson detected a tiny thread-like remnant of a brain stem. He was able to go back in and surgically remove the rest of the tumor.

If it was not for the Lord using Dr. Carson's faith, commitment, perseverance, and skill, I would not be alive today. I am now 35 and a college graduate. And I am healthy, all because Dr. Carson did not give up on me.

His life story is one of determination. His mother was one of 24 children and married his father at age 13. They divorced, and she moved Dr. Carson and his brother in with relatives in Boston until they had enough money, 6 years later, to move back into their home in Detroit. She worked very hard cleaning houses to keep them out of public housing and to keep food on the table.

She also instilled a love of learning in her two sons that Dr. Carson has carried with him, first as one of few students in his high school to attend college, let alone Yale, and then as he has given back to communities through his scholarship programs and reading rooms across America.

Since he is a man of grit, wisdom and skill, I believe he would bring those traits to whatever task is set before him. Because of the outcome of my case, from death to life, I have the utmost confidence that his problem-solving skills and his love for people will help guide him should he be confirmed as the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

He always has people’s best interest at heart, and he’s going to make the right decisions. He has a mind that can fix complex problems; he will be dedicated and show compassion for the people he works with, and for, in the government.

I know he will put his heart and intellect into housing policy, the American Dream, and helping to lift people up out of poverty while in government. He has given me inspiration, being a man of truth, humility, integrity, compassion, and commitment.

Dr. Carson has impacted my life and has served as role model not only for me, but for others to follow. I know he will do a great job at HUD.

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