I'm a Bleeding-Heart Feminist. I'm Also Pro-Life. Why Is There No Room for Me in the Democratic Party?

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Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa
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Hi. My name is Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa.

I am a mother of four, a feminist, and pro-life.

I recently heard DNC Chairman Tom Perez, say that “every democrat” and “every American” should be pro-choice and we don’t have a say in the matter.

Challenge accepted, Perez.

First, I consider myself a feminist because I am an independent woman and I have a bleeding heart.

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa

Defending the defenseless is my jam. I mean, aren't we supposed to be all about helping the weak and oppressed? How all democrats are not already pro-life blows my mind. At no point in our lives are we more vulnerable and marginalized than when we are in the womb.

The most dangerous thing we ever did was make abortion a partisan issue — and thereby “political.” This is about violence against another human being. Opposing rape and murder are not “conservative” or “liberal” platforms. Abortion shouldn't be either; it's violence.

Yet somehow abortion is now a major party platform and I am not even awarded the intellectual freedom to disagree with it.

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa

What ends up happening in our fractured political environment is that conservatives work overtime to make sure republican candidates are pro-life “enough.” Meanwhile, democrats are trying to radicalize their own base into becoming insanely “up to the moment of birth” pro-choice.

Polling shows most Americans don't agree with the modern Democratic Party's extreme stance. They view abortion as a necessary evil and would like to see it be a rare occurrence. But why? Because somewhere deep down they know what this bleeding-heart feminist knows: you’re killing a human being.

If you agree with me on this point, we can work together. People like Tom Perez know this, so they want to keep pro-lifers far, far away from the mainstream.

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Bottom line: you don't make abortion unthinkable with just one political party. You don't make abortion unthinkable with just one religious faith. You make abortion unthinkable by shifting the entire culture's consciousness so we can see that we've taken one part of the human family — the weakest and most vulnerable — and have said they are not quite human. They are not quite worthy of life. They can be viewed as property and disposed of however we see fit.

Throughout history, any time we've dehumanized an entire population of people it's always been viewed by future generations as a horrific travesty and massive human rights violation.

This cause was made for bleeding-heart feminists like myself. Tom Perez just made me much more motivated to turn every democrat I know pro-life.

They just don't know it yet.

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naiWhat makes abortion, and your "pro life" position "political" is the insistence that the issue must be legislated and made illegal, based on a one-size-fits-all moral ideology. I do not see how you could be a feminist while advocating for the right of patriachal institutions like government and religion to step in and decide for women en masse what the best and most ethical course of action is for each individual woman's life, health, happiness and, for that matter, their existing children (who are also vulnerable members of society). I also do not see how someone with a "bleeding heart" could fail to muster enough empathy for other women, in an extremely difficult position, to at least be afforded the automony to choose what is right and moral for themselves based on their unique and often complicated circumstances. Some women are raped and must be allowed to decide for themselves if they have the strength to carry that reminder to term, and in many states, co-parent with their rapist. Some women have health issues where it is not safe for them to carry a fetus to term. Those women must be allowed to consult with their physicians and decide based on their condition whether the risk is too great, or if the result will likely be a miscarriage putting the woman at risk unecessarily. Late-term abortions are incredibly rare, particularly when "pro life" laws have not been enacted to impede timely access to an early medically induced miscarriage of a fertilized egg the size of a pea. Often, late-term abortions are due to tragic complications in  treasured and wanted pregnancies. The law must allow for such women to make the only decision they will ever get to make as a mother for the child that will never be. The situational complexities possible for all current and future women  is infinite. There is no way to legislate every possible scenerio so that each outcome is moral and righteous in the opinion of all. But by NOT legislating the matter, and allowing women to make their own personal choice, then each outcome will be moral and right in the opinion of the best person - really, the only person, suited to make that decision.
Geheim Nisvoll"I'm a Bleeding-Heart Feminist. I'm Also Pro-Life. Why Is There No Room for Me in the Democratic Party?"Because Feminism is a HATE GROUP and you're getting a little taste of the hate that Feminists have focused on Men for the last 150 years.
Ryokinekofirst-there IS room for you. has anyone tried to stop you from registering as a democrat and voting for a democrat you think will best represent you? Second of all-Feminism is not about being a bleeding heart. its about believing the sexes are or at least should be equal-socially, economically, politically. I think being a Democrat is a perfect fit for pro-life individuals too-if they truly are. Economic equality, sex education and access to resources bring down abortion rates. Simply making it illegal and demonizing people who seek it is not the answer. Yes, there can be reasonable restriction but women have been inducing abortions forever-making it illegal simply bc you disagree with it will only cause it to be done in unsafe manner and allow women to be taken advantage of by people who know they are desperate. If you want to be a pro-life democrat BE one and don't worry about what Tom Perez has to say about it.