If Lena Dunham Really Wants to Be Offended Try Being a Homeschooling, Farmer, Christian, Mother of 12

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Last week, Lena Dunham took it upon herself to seek justice against two unidentified flight attendants at JFK airport who allegedly engaged in a private conversation about transgender issues.  Dunham was so unsettled by the conversation that she contacted their presumed employer, American Airlines, to help identify them and make sure they got their comeuppance.

Through her many causes, Ms. Dunham comes across as one who prides herself as a warrior for offended and oppressed women but hey, what about me?

I am a white, Christian, homeschooling mom of twelve who owns and runs a commercial poultry farm. How is that for intersectional identity politics? That puts me in a category with a very slim minority of the population. It’s funny, though: Dunham has never come to my defense.

I have been hurt by the likes of Bill Nye, who explored whether we should penalize those who have “extra kids” due to their carbon footprint. She didn’t contact the producers of Mr. Nye’s show and demand his ousting.

I have been verbally accosted in the grocery store, with 6 or 8 kids in tow, with sexually suggestive, offensive affronts on my reproductive decisions. Some who see me with all my children assume that I'm uneducated and on the government dole. Lena, have you defended women like me to do with my body as I see fit, or only defended those who have had abortions — and wish you had the opportunity to join that group?

I have felt attacked by The New York Times columnist Katherine Stewart, whose op-ed blasted critics of “government schools” as critics of “democracy itself.” Ms. Dunham has never voiced offense by any threat to our choice in education.

My daughters have been scrutinized unjustly and solely for their homeschool education by college entrance boards and military recruiters. Where were our defenders then?

I am attacked for being what some animal justice warriors call a “factory farmer.” We raise 50,000 chickens every 7 weeks in a certified, cruelty-free environment, using the latest technology to ensure our birds are as free of stress and as in line with their natural habitats as humanly possible. In spite of that, undercover activists come on family farms like ours to secretly video our supposed transgressions in caring for the animals under our care. It is funny; I have never heard a peep from Ms. Dunham about the breech of our privacy on our own property or defending my female-owned small business.

Animal “liberators” recently set between 30,000 and 40,000 minks free from a farm in Minnesota, at a loss to the farmer of about $750,000. Most of the animals died in the heat.  If someone were to “free” our chickens from their climate-controlled houses, they too would suffer from weather conditions they are not used to and be subject to predators. A loss like that could cause a financial catastrophe we could never recover from.

Ms. Dunham has spoken out on the supposed wage gap between men and women, but I find it unlikely she would defend my income as a female farmer from deliberate attacks by “animal liberators.”

There are many slights and offenses I could take because of my life choices, yet the wrongs done to me will mostly likely never get a tweet from Ms. Dunham or any other celebrity. But that is okay. I am not offended. I don’t have the time.

Being perpetually offended takes a lot of time and emotional bandwidth. I would rather invest that limited resource into the people I love.

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triggeredI had a really hard time understanding the point here. Because Lena Dunham speaks out for whatever issues she cares about, it means that she should also stand up for the writer's uncomfortable situations at the grocery store? Or that she has a chicken farm that hasn't actually come under attack by "animal liberators" but that sometimes animal farm owners face that? (that was very random, I have to say.) It's very strange that some conservatives love the narrative that liberals are just constantly offended, but then here I am, reading this random opinion piece about Lena Dunham saying something about something at an airport and how the writer thinks she would never stand up for her because she's a christian, chicken farmer who homeschools. The writer ending the article claiming to not be offended, but obviously feeling compelled to write a piece about Lena Dunham is a painful juxtaposition. Celebrities saying overly "politically correct" things is not anything to talk about. They are not political leaders and literally do not matter. I would love to see opinion pieces about real issues. Also, P.S. no one really likes Lena Dunham anyway, so besides me being bored on a Monday night, I doubt the writer is going to really rile up the Lena Dunham lovers base. 
AnonymousLena Dunham doesn't set out to offend people, she wants to make people think.  Intelligence and book-learnin' isn't the devil Louann.  I am glad you were offended by Bil Nye, that means you know he is right in at least asking questions about over population.  If you cared about your kids or their kids at all, over population would be at the top of your list.  If you think the world has problems now they will grow exponentially along with the population.  You may have not covered exponents in you home schooling but we are talking skyrocketing growth.  Take that with our diminishing resources and you have hell on Earth, so yes by having 12 kids you are part of the problem and you've doomed your brood.
@OtisamsoniteGod bless you and your family. My family were farmers and without such people, the elitists couldn't even be vegan as most of them couldn't grow anything except their misplaced indignation.