Alex Castellanos
Alexandria, VA

Alex Castellanos is a Republican political media consultant from Alexandria, VA and founder of Purple Strategies and

There's a Third Party Leading America Right Now, and the DC Elites Unknowingly Created It
By - 6 months ago
Since Donald Trump took the oath of office January 20th, who has attacked Republicans more, Trump or the Democrats?  The answer is the...
12 Important Lessons From The GOP's Health Care Meltdown
By - a year ago
As we bask in the warm, steady glow of the remaining radioactive material, amid the ruins of the health care apocalypse, what have we...
Rubio Shoots The Moon
By - 2 years ago
I have an  immigrant’s view of America: It is the land of endless promise.The first President I ever saw lifted our eyes to a New...
Donald Trump Lost In Thursday Night's Debate. Everybody Else Won.
By - 3 years ago
Twenty-four million people tuned in to watch the GOP Presidential Debate in Cleveland and the main match, “Everybody vs. Trump.” That...
Cecil the Lion for President.
By - 3 years ago
It is fair to say that no woman in American politics has had to endure and overcome more under brighter national lights to seek the Pr...
Donald Trump is the Drunk in the Bar Fight (And Republicans Are Rooting for Him)
By - 3 years ago
The best story I’ve heard about Donald Trump explains both his triumphs and his inevitable political failure.Trump, I’ve been told...