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San Diego, CA

Chris Truax is an attorney living in San Diego, California and the editor of

Attorney: Yes, CNN Illegally Coerced the Reddit User. But There's A Catch For Trump Supporters...
By - 8 months ago
All those Donald Trump supporters who are claiming that CNN coerced Reddit user “HanA” by threatening to reveal his identity are 100%
Could Trump Be Arrested For Refusing To Accept Election Results? Here Are 3 Laws He Should Consider
By - a year ago
At the debate Wednesday night, Donald Trump doubled down on his claim that the election was being rigged and refused to promise he wou
Donald Trump's Immigration Plan Is The Same As What The 'Gang of 8' Wants
By - a year ago
The Washington Post said “On immigration, Trump talks tough in Arizona”. The Hill ran the headline “Trump shuts down talk of softening