Gregory T. Angelo
Washington, DC

Gregory T. Angelo is the President of Log Cabin Republicans. Visit for more information....

Separating the Serious From the Silly in the Sexual Misconduct Debate
By - 3 months ago
Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been credibly accused of indecent conduct with multiple women — at least one of them...
An LGBT-Friendly, GOP-Authored Fair Housing Bill Is Now Waiting for Congress to Act
By - 6 months ago
The facts are striking: In 28 states, it is perfectly legal to deny someone housing simply because of their sexual orientation and/or...
Tobacco Kills More LGBT People Than HIV - Why Is Our Community Not More Alarmed?
We are political polar opposites when it comes to issues like tax policy and national security. Despite our stark ideological differen...
Dear Reader, Donald Trump’s Rise Happened Because of You. Yes, You.
By - 2 years ago
Dear Reader,Donald Trump’s rise happened because of you.Yes, I’m talking to you. The one reading this sentence right now.Y...