Michael A. Needham
Washington, DC

Michael A. Needham is the chief executive officer of Heritage Action for America....

Republicans: Skinny Repeal Should Prohibit Obamacare’s Congressional Exemption
By - 8 months ago
Tomorrow, the Senate will begin an open-ended process called vote-a-rama. At the end of that process, Senate Republican leaders report...
Here's What's Really Going On Right Now In the GOP's Fight For Speaker
By - 2 years ago
“A pox on both your wings,” declares Hugh Hewitt.“Who are the real Republicans?” asks Brit Hume.“A contempt for politics [has]...
The GOP Has No Intention Of Ever Defunding Planned Parenthood
By - 2 years ago
The Republican Party establishment claims it wants to defund Planned Parenthood and that there is just a tactical disagreement about w...
You Want Religious Freedom? Then Pass the First Amendment Defense Act. Now.
By - 3 years ago
Two weeks ago, in a usurpation of the democratic process on par with Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court got marriage and the Constitution...