Peter Van Voorhis

Peter Van Voorhis is a conservative activist, commentator, and journalist who focuses on political issues affecting millennials. He writes at and tweets @RepublicanPeter....

If Comprehensive Tax Reform Is Going to Work, It Must Put America First
By - 3 months ago
Congressional leaders have promised the final version of their comprehensive tax reform bill will put the American people first, but a
We Should Be Thankful for Bipartisan Opposition to the Free Speech Tax
By - 3 months ago
A bipartisan group of 15 senators has come out opposed to Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s amendment to the Tax Cuts and Jo
Obama Pentagon Holdovers Award Amazon $5B Defense Contract
By - 3 months ago
Obama administration officials left over at the Pentagon just awarded Amazon, whose CEO, Jeff Bezos, is a close ally of the former pre
House Republicans Shouldn't Buy Into the Left's Class Warfare Arguments on Tax Reform
By - 3 months ago
The intended purpose of Reagan-style tax reform is to stimulate economic growth and provide better living standards for all Americans.
World Series Streaker Puts the 'America' Back Into America's Pastime
By - 4 months ago
After weeks and weeks of anti-American kneeling protests at NFL games, fans were well overdue for a true display of patriotism at a ma
Yes, Eliminating the Carried Interest Break Will Hurt Wall Street. It Will Also Hurt Main Street.
By - 5 months ago
As Congressional Republicans and Democrats spar on Capitol Hill over the latest minutiae of tax reform, many representatives on the le
I Just Graduated From College - And Went Four Years Without A Single Conservative Professor
By - 7 months ago
When I arrived at the University of California, Irvine as a freshman, I was looking forward to learning from some of the best and the