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Phalen Kuckuck

Phalen is a young political professional based in Charleston, West Virginia. During the 2016 cycle, he managed a campaign and flipped a liberal seat to Republican control for the first time....

Democrats Are Building A Clever Legal Scheme to Win Elections By 2022 – And It Could Work
By - a year ago
After historic electoral losses under President Obama, the Democratic party is in disarray and struggling to find identity. New party...
The TSA Harasses Americans And Doesn't Keep Us Safe - Why Does It Exist?
By - a year ago
The much-hated Transportation Security Administration is apologizing for its mistreatment of a young boy at a Texas airport. In a vide...
AG Sessions' Disparaging Comments About Marijuana Are Not Only Wrong - They're A Major Problem
By - a year ago
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is right about one thing: drug abuse in America is at a crippling height. According to CDC data, deaths...
Republicans Want To Make 2018 All About Elizabeth Warren. It Could Work. It Could Also Backfire.
By - a year ago
The Republicans' Senate campaign arm recently launched digital ads tying vulnerable Democratic Senators to the ultra-liberal voting re...