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Scott Ruesterholz

Scott Ruesterholz is a politically engaged conservative who lives in New York, NY. He works in the financial services industry....

How Trump Can Convince Democrats to Actually Agree to Fund His Border Wall
By - 10 months ago
While rallying supporters in Phoenix last week, President Donald Trump suggested he would veto any government funding bill that did no...
Sorry Joe Scarborough, But the Republican Party Is Not 'Dying.' It's Very Much Alive.
In his Monday Washington Post op-ed, Joe Scarborough continued on his anti-Trump warpath, declaring the Republican Party to be a “dyin...
The CBO Score Is Actually Great News For the Future of the GOP Health Care Bill
On Monday afternoon, immediately after the Congressional Budget Office released its hotly anticipated score of the Senate’s Obamacare...
Here's How The 'Border Tax' Would Work - And Why Congress Must Include It In Tax Reform
With majorities in Congress and control of the White House, Republicans have a chance to enact wholesale change to our tax code for th...
It Would Be Disastrous To Repeal Obamacare And Not Have A Replacement Ready To Go
After six years of promising to repeal Obamacare, Republicans are the verge of actually doing just that. With sweeping victories up an...
Trump Won Because Of Blue Collar Workers. He Should Return The Favor By Pushing For Skilled Trades
By - 2 years ago
Donald Trump’s unique brand of economic populism played a critical role in his surprising ascension to the presidency, inspiring milli...
Take It From Someone Who Works On Wall Street: Trump Will Boost The Economy
By - 2 years ago
Back in September, Donald Trump stoked controversy when he argued the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policy was politically motiv...