Colonel Wes Martin

Colonel Wes Martin served as Senior Anti-Terrorism Officer for all Coalition Forces Iraq and as Base Commander of Camp Ashraf. He was also Information Operations Chief at Department of the Army....

Two Men Running the Czech Republic Should Have America's Russia Radar on High Alert
By Colonel Wes Martin - 3 months ago
As populist leaders and movements are coming to power from Ankara to Warsaw, the U.S. is taking notice — and central Europe is no exce
George Soros Is Using U.S. Taxpayer Money To Push Socialist Causes - In Macedonia
By Colonel Wes Martin - 7 months ago
The United States is one of the biggest financial contributors to global stability through its Agency for International Development (U
Iran Mastered Fake News Long Ago - I've Seen First Hand How They Influenced Washington
By Colonel Wes Martin - 10 months ago
Society is always ready to embrace buzz words and phrases. Almost always, these identifiers equate to new handles being attached to ol
Heather Wilson Is Not The Right Choice For Air Force Secretary
By Colonel Wes Martin - a year ago
President Trump has made some outstanding decisions concerning the Department of Defense.  Nominating Heather Wilson to serve as the n
Retired Colonel: Trump Is Inheriting A Global Mess From Obama. Michael Flynn Will Help Him Fix It
By Colonel Wes Martin - a year ago
President Obama ran his 2008 campaign on the redistribution of wealth. After eight years in office he closes with redistribution of po
You Might Not Know Where Macedonia Is, But It Has A Key Role In The World Refugee Crisis
By Colonel Wes Martin - a year ago
In a little more than a year, millions of desperate refugees have fled from the wars in Syria and Iraq. Many hundreds of thousands hav
Counter-Terrorism Expert: Giuliani Is A Proven, Accomplished Candidate For Secretary Of State
By Colonel Wes Martin - a year ago
Anxiety levels are rising among some entrenched State Department bureaucrats and die-hard Iran apologists inside the Beltway. Prior to