World Series Streaker Puts the 'America' Back Into America's Pastime
By Peter Van Voorhis - a month ago
After weeks and weeks of anti-American kneeling protests at NFL games, fans were well overdue for a true display of patriotism at a ma
Real, Robust Science Should Be Above Personal Demonization
By Dr. Joseph Perrone - 2 months ago
On October 21, the New York Times published a story chronicling the frustrations of a now-retired EPA scientist involved in drafting t
To Win in Afghanistan, US Needs Regional Partners in Eurasia
By Bill Cowan - 2 months ago
As the U.S. is looking to revamp its Afghanistan strategy, stable and reliable allies come handy. Unfortunately, some countries in the
John Adams Makes the Case: The Choice for Attorney General of Virginia
By John Adams - 2 months ago
The attorney general of Virginia is a vital, if often overlooked, position, overseeing Virginia’s law firm — ensuring our government o
'Rape Culture' in Crisis: The Connection Between Porn and Sexual Assault
By LouAnn Rieley - 2 months ago
Hugh Hefner died after changing the cultural landscape forever by shattering the boundaries around the recreational use of pornography
President Trump's Condolences: Clumsy, Yes, But Commendable
By Carolyn Bolton - 2 months ago
President Donald Trump is being criticized for what appears to have been an ill-timed and clumsy call to the widow of Sgt. La David Jo
Federalism: The Original Cloud Computing Solution
By Kenny Hitt - 2 months ago
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a quiet war was brewing in the world of technology.Computers and the functions they managed wer
What Next After Trump's Decertification of the Iran Nuclear Deal?
By Jack Caravelli - 2 months ago
President Donald Trump announced on Oct. 13 his decision to decertify the July 2015 multilateral nuclear deal with Iran, which he has
FBI Tarnishes What's Left of Its Credibility
By Ted Harvey - 2 months ago
More than a year after the Federal Bureau of Investigation seized on the Russia collusion narrative, the agency has still found nothin
Journalists Aren't 'Fake News.' They're Patriots
By Neal Urwitz - 2 months ago
On October 16, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered by a car bomb.She led the research into the Panama Papers, which exp
Iran Deal: Finding a Better Strategy Must Address Iran's Dark Human Rights Record Too
By Soona Samsami - 2 months ago
While President Donald Trump's intention to not certify the Iran nuclear agreement is on the minds of many Iranians, it's not their on
How to Prevent the Next Hurricane Harvey
By Peter Seligmann - 2 months ago
The story of Hurricane Nate, thus far, is one of a crisis averted and — thankfully — of prepared Gulf Coast residents. Nate hit Missis
Tony Katz: I Interviewed President Trump — And He's Not the Guy You See on TV
By Tony Katz - 2 months ago
On Tuesday, I had the chance to attend a radio row on the White House grounds. I set up in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a
As a Mom of Three Veterans, Here's What I'd Want Everyone to Focus on If My Child Had Fallen
By LouAnn Rieley - 2 months ago
Controversy is swirling around the phone call President Donald Trump made to the family of Sgt. La David Johnson, who lost his life in
A Tale of Two Las Vegas Shootings: The One the Left Politicized and What Really Happened
By Ted Harvey - 2 months ago
In many ways, the Las Vegas shooting — the deadliest in modern U.S. history — galvanized the very best of America.The immediate af
Sexism? Nancy Pelosi Should Condemn the Dem Candidate Who Called Rep. Elise Stefanik a 'Little Girl'
By Garrett Ventry - 2 months ago
We live in a political climate fueled by hyper-partisanship, one where personal attacks are slung instead of good ideas debated. Recen
The Media Exposes Its Liberal Bias When It Defends 'Free Speech' of Protesting NFL Stars
By Shaun McCutcheon - 2 months ago
The National Football League (NFL) season is entering its fifth week, and NFL players are still disrespecting our national anthem. Las
The Hyde Amendment Saved My Life
By Deanna Wallace - 2 months ago
Saturday marked the 41st anniversary of the passage of the Hyde Amendment, which codified our nation’s preference for childbirth over
There's a Third Party Leading America Right Now, and the DC Elites Unknowingly Created It
By Alex Castellanos - 2 months ago
Since Donald Trump took the oath of office January 20th, who has attacked Republicans more, Trump or the Democrats?  The answer is the
I Was Exiled From a Corrupt Country. Now I'm Running for President So I Can Fire 20,000 Bureaucrats
By Oleksandr Onyschenko - 2 months ago
When I ran away from death threats and political persecution in Ukraine in 2016, I learned that most of the Western world knows a lot
A Tax on Car Dealership Ads Won’t Stop the Auto Bubble Like Lawmakers Think It Will
By Eric Peters - 3 months ago
Washington excels at unintended consequences. A law gets passed or a regulation is imposed that is meant to do this, but ends up causi
Yes, Eliminating the Carried Interest Break Will Hurt Wall Street. It Will Also Hurt Main Street.
By Peter Van Voorhis - 3 months ago
As Congressional Republicans and Democrats spar on Capitol Hill over the latest minutiae of tax reform, many representatives on the le
No, Hugh Hefner Didn't Have a 'Positive Impact' on 'Social Sexual Values'
By LouAnn Rieley - 3 months ago
On September 27, Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy empire, died. Some cultural analysts — and celebrities — are hailing him as a pos
Want to Take a Knee to Make a Difference? Pray for the Family of a Fallen Soldier.
By Kevin Jones - 3 months ago
As a former Green Beret, I am disgusted by the actions of NFL players, coaches and owners this past weekend. Even worse were alleged l