Parents Make Agonizing Decision to Take Son With Rare Cancer Off Life Support. It’s Just What His Body Needed

Three-year-old Dylan Askin was on the brink of death.

Found unresponsive while at daycare, he was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to Kidspot, his parents believed he had pneumonia, but after he had been suffering from seizures and lung collapses over the past few months, doctors knew it was much more serious. Dylan’s mother, Kerry Askin, explained to the Derby Telegraph:

“After no improvement, they did an X-ray and discovered the collapse and that his lungs looked unclear and potentially were covered in air-filled cysts.”

It was then that he was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. The disease affects one in every 200,000 children, and one in every one to two million babies.

As his condition worsened, Dylan was placed on life support. His parents were told that he would likely not survive because his oxygen levels were declining and his lungs were very infected. Kerry tells the Derby Telegraph:

“On Good Friday we were told he wasn’t going to survive and we had him baptized and all said goodbye.”

Miraculously, when they turned off the life support, Dylan’s condition began to improve.

Facebook page dedicated to his recovery further explains what happened:

“We started the process by switching off the muscle relaxant and discovered he needed more sedation. Upon doing this he improved slightly, just enough to make us question everything and then his blood results showed astonishingly that his organs weren’t shutting down despite the very low levels of oxygen so we stopped the process and waited leaving Dylan’s fate in his own hands. Somehow he held on and improved very very gradually over the next week.

With antibiotics for PCP pneumonia, high dose steroids and antacids we helped his body heal and the best we could and he did the rest!”

Dylan was released from the hospital a little over a month later. Doctors are unable to explain how Dylan survived, but his mother knows one thing for sure:

“It really is a miracle,” she says.

While the Askin family is asking for privacy during this time, they have started a fundraising page to help with medical expenses.

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