Patton’s Grandson Makes a Presidential Endorsement…And Has a Message for Trump

2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been noted as often referencing World War II generals:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump admires the late Douglas MacArthur and George Patton, both World War Two generals. They were winners, unpredictable, and not especially nice guys, he says in campaign speeches.

He’s even been compared to General Patton:

Some have suggested General Patton would agree with Trump:

But not everyone agrees with those assessments. While we have no way of knowing how Patton would have felt, his grandson, George Patton Waters, has a few things to say on the matter:

“Donald Trump says we need to ‘bring back Patton,’ but I can say with certainty: Mr. Trump, you are no Patton,” George Patton Waters said in a statement released through Rubio’s campaign.

“It’s true that my grandfather was known for his controversial statements and aggressive leadership, but he was also known for his honor and toil for a righteous cause. He put his men and mission above himself every time.”

Water added that he thought his grandfather would have liked Marco Rubio, saying, “My grandfather was a fighter, and he would have been proud of Marco Rubio’s fight against Donald Trump,” Patton said. “When Marco gets hit, he hits back.”

What do you think?

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