Paul Ryan Met With Ivanka Trump in New York Today at Her Request

House Speaker Paul Ryan met privately with Ivanka Trump, the businesswoman and daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump while in New York Monday.

A senior Republican aide confirmed the meeting to Independent Journal Review, noting that the meeting was at the request of Ivanka Trump. The aide added:

“It was a productive conversation where Ryan spoke about his 2012 experience and Ivanka shared updates about her father’s campaign.”

The GOP nominee is a regular topic of conversation at Ryan’s weekly press conferences on Capitol Hill. Last week, Ryan said Trump should follow the lead of every major party candidate in recent years and release his tax returns, telling reporters:

“I released mine, I think we should release ours.”

Ryan was in Trump’s hometown to deliver a speech at the Economic Club of New York to discuss the House Republicans’ policy proposals that are part of the “better way” plan.

The speech was also followed by a Q&A, in which Ryan claimed the chief actuary for health insurance giant BlueCross BlueShield told him that the Affordable Care Act is collapsing ahead of schedule. Ryan referred to the Obamacare exchanges’ situation as a “death spiral.”

Editor’s note: This article was updated after publication.

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