Photo Surfaces of ‘Depressed’ Looking Hillary Eating Breakfast Alone in Upstate New York

Since being handed a devastating loss in the presidential election this past November, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been laying pretty low.

She even failed to make the expected concession speech on election night, leaving embattled Campaign Chair John Podesta to address her distraught volunteers and supporters. She emerged only the next day to rally what was left of her troops.

After that, Clinton’s public appearances grew farther and farther apart — leading up to a Christmas party that could only be described as “lackluster.” One attendee went a step farther, telling Page Six:

“It was like a wake with a band.”

But then New York Times reporter Carolyn Ryan shared a photo she received from former colleague Mike Smith:

And America quickly noticed that Clinton looked no less woebegone at breakfast than at her holiday party last week:

A few cracked jokes about emails. Too soon?

A few jumped to Clinton’s defense:

Clinton has not announced any concrete future plans, but her comments immediately after the election left her some wiggle room on the subject: “This loss hurts. But please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

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