New Poll Asks Voters Who They Trust More: Robert Mueller or Donald Trump?

A new poll from Republican consulting firm Firehouse Strategies gauged trustworthiness and honesty in Donald Trump and Robert Mueller among likely midterm voters in swing states.

The group surveyed 2,486 likely voters in Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — key swing states in the upcoming midterm elections.

Unsurprisingly, Republican voters are more likely to trust Trump, with 58.8 percent saying Trump is the more honest of the two. Just 17.8 percent of the Republicans polled picked Mueller.

But when the question was posed to independent voters, the results are more shocking, showing that 44.7 percent of independent voters picked Mueller, while just 25.7 percent said Trump was more honest and trustworthy. 

Those numbers may not seem like much at first, but when compared with the results from the same question posed in February, the significance is clear. In February, 39.8 percent of independents selected Mueller, while 35.8 percent selected Trump.

Based on those results, Firehouse concluded that “while Republicans remain largely united behind Donald Trump, the Mueller investigation is gaining credibility among independent voters.”

The poll also asked likely midterm voters if they believe the president lies intentionally, exaggerates the truth, or does not lie. Results showed that 46.9 percent said they believe Trump “lies intentionally to mislead people on a regular basis,” compared with 24.4 percent who believe he does not lie.

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