President Obama’s Final Address to U.N. Causes a Stir with Lecture on ‘Constraining’ United States

President Obama is the elected leader of the United States, but his final remarks as president to the United Nations are consistent with his view that we should all be “world citizens.”

The speech provoked a strong reaction from Americans who believe that the leader’s job is to represent the United States first in global affairs. A Washington Free Beacon article is representative of the view: “Obama: Submit to World Government,” its headline blared.

Decide for yourself if the president is selling out U.S. interests in deference to the unelected members of the U.N.:

We have to put our money where our mouths are. And we can only realize the promise of this institution’s founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations like my own accept constraints. Sometimes I’m criticized in my own country for professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions, but I’m convinced in the long run giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests but binding ourselves to international rules, over the long-term, enhances our security.

Obama also took a shot at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:

‘The world is too small for us to simply be able to build a wall’ and prevent extremism from affecting societies. With that message in hand, Obama urged nations to ‘follow through even when the politics are hard,’ in helping refugees fleeing conflict.”

The president’s remarks did not sit well with all Americans (as Obama anticipated with his remarks).

Conservative radio host Mark Levin slammed Obama’s speech as an “embarrassment”:

CrowdPac CEO Steven Hilton said the world “rolls their eyes” whenever Obama speaks:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz lambasted the speech:

At the United Nations today, President Obama took to the podium to once again blame the United States for the woes of…

Posted by Ted Cruz on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

President Obama had it right when he anticipated being criticized for “professing a belief in international norms and multilateral institutions.” As his former Secretary of State is up for election, it’s up to Americans to decide if that’s the vision of the future they feel most comfortable with.

What do you think?

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