President Trump Gives Down-on-Luck Campaign Worker Surprise of Lifetime at Inauguration

He could never have imagined when he made the decision where that choice would lead him in the months ahead… and how it would change his life.

Single father, Shane Bouvet, explained to Inside Edition why he decided to volunteer for Trump’s campaign:

“I am a blue collar guy, there [are] about 800 people in my small town and we are losing jobs.”

The 24-year-old worked nights as hospital security and spent his days volunteering, all while embroiled in an expensive custody battle, according to The Washington Post.

The Stonington, Illinois, man made cold calls, delivered Trump signs, posted Trump memes to social media, and went door-to-door in his town and others, stumping for Trump. He paid for 3,000 Trump stickers out of his own pocket. He was eventually elevated to the position of “volunteer coordinator for social media for Trump’s campaign in Illinois,” due to his extraordinary efforts.

All of that hard work earned Bouvet a ticket to the Great American Inaugural Ball at the MGM National Harbor courtesy of Lisa Christiansen, an actress, life coach, and Trump supporter, who took note of his efforts. They also planned to attend the Inauguration together.

But Bouvet wasn’t sure how he’d get the clothes needed to attend the ball. So, former teacher Mike Bell stepped in, taking him to Men’s Wearhouse and getting a donation for dress shoes from Allen Edmonds, who has supplied shoes for presidents for their inaugurations.

The Washington Post writes that Bouvet, now a part-time FedEx courier, hoped to meet President Trump while in Washington, D.C.:

“I’d look him in the eye and say, ‘Sir, I . . .’. I wouldn’t know what to say.”

While in D.C., Bouvet got to meet some famous people:

…and he did get his wish fulfilled to personally meet President Trump Thursday evening, while backstage at the Lincoln Memorial concert. Trump gave him some autographs for himself and his four-year-old son, Landon:

But that was not all. President Trump called Bouvet’s father, who has cancer, telling him what a great son he has and offering up his help if there was anything he could do.

Trump then told an aide to mail Bouvet a check for $10,000. Bouvet shared the conversation with Inside Edition:

“He said, ‘Shane, I’m gonna do something special for you. I’m gonna give you $10,000.’ My dad’s fighting cancer and he wanted to lift that burden and make it easier for my family.”

Bouvet confirmed to Independent Journal Review on Sunday that he had not received the check yet, but it was being mailed to him. He also shared a simple message of gratitude for all of the kindness he was shown:

“This was all God. God bless America. Thank you.”

Trump has a record of generosity, including helping a U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico and helping a widow save her farm.

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